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This movie is a bit heavy. And they killed Christina Hendricks with a shotgun to the head. No sex scene, and early death. Brilliant.

Anyone this pretty should have a sex scene.

You'd think that this movie is all about driving cars. You know, like Fast and Furious, or something like that. And it doesn't help that the font used in the opening credits looks like it was taken from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Even the color is like Vice City: pink.

Yes, Ryan Gosling plays a driver, who is so good at what he does (aren't they all?). And yes, there are some car chase sequences that are adrenaline-pumping without being too stylized. But the car scenes are just a small fraction of what the film is about. This is more of a gangster flick. And who better to play gangsters than Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks? Wait, that's Albert Brooks the comedian, right? As a gangster? Well, it was pretty effective, anyway.

"Do I look like a comedian to you?"

Congratulations, Carey Mulligan. You've made it to Hollywood. And that's because you can do a decent American accent.

I think I like her better as a brunette.

They said this was an Oscar-buzz flick. Although I'm not sure if it's for Best Picture, Best Actress for Carey Mulligan (unlikely), Best Actor for Ryan Gosling (possible), or Best Supporting Actor for Albert Brooks (most likely). Although I'm betting it's on Best Sound Design. Great use of sound, which added to the already-suspenseful plot. The soundtrack was a bit retro, but I'm pretty sure this wasn't set in the eighties.

Drive. USA. 2011.

Rating: Eight out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
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