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DCT Season 2 Episode 2: Eternals (2021), or Why Angelina Jolie Is a Great Team Player


Da Couch Tomato Podcast Season 2 Episode 2, discussing the latest MCU film Eternals, having a cast with different ethnicities, how Marvel can reference DC in its canon, and what it’s like to be watching again in the cinemas.

Sting Lacson's rating: 7.9/10
Rachel's rating: 7.6/10
Final ating: 7.75/10


DCT Season 2 Episode 1: Dune (2021), or Why This Should Definitely Be Seen In IMAX


Da Couch Tomato Podcast Season 2 Episode 1, discussing Denis Villeneuve's film adaptation of Dune, why the earlier film adaptations don't matter, and how Dune has influenced the science fiction genre.

Sting Lacson's rating: 9.1/10
Rachel's rating: 8.9/10
Final ating: 9/10


DCT Episode 50: Mare of Easttown (HBO), or Boom! We Did Not See That Coming


Da Couch Tomato Podcast, Episode 50, discussing HBO's limited series Mare of Easttown, why the limited series is the best kind of long-form, and why whodunits are just awesome.

Sting Lacson's rating: 9/10
Rachel's rating: 8.7/10
Final rating: 8.85/10


DCT Episode 49: Trese, or Ranting About People Who Are Ranting About Trese


Da Couch Tomato Podcast, Episode 49, discussing the Netflix Filipino animated series Trese, why this is a huge leap forward for Filipino representation, and our thoughts on Filipino stories being told on the global stage.

Sting Lacson's rating: 8.5/10
Rachel's rating: 8/10
Final rating: 8.25/10


DCT Episode 48: Oscars 2021, or The First Time We Didn't Get to Watch It In a Long Time

Getty via Cnet

Da Couch Tomato Podcast, Episode 48, discussing the 93rd Academy Awards, how the Oscars is like the NBA Finals for cinephiles, and why the streaming giants are treated like little boys by the studios.


DCT Episode 47: Promising Young Woman, or We Need Movies Like These Until Men Learn How to Behave

Vanity Fair

Da Couch Tomato Podcast, Episode 47, discussing Promising Young Woman, the timeliness of films like these, and the deeply-embedded culture of male dominance.

Sting Lacson's rating: 8/10
Rachel's rating: 7.4/10
Final rating: 7.7/10


DCT Episode 46: Soul, or This Film Is Deep But Not Provocative


Da Couch Tomato Podcast, Episode 46, discussing Pixar's Soul, why Pixar made a film about Mexicans first before African-Americans, and the difference between passion and purpose.

Sting Lacson's rating: 8/10
Rachel's rating: 7.9/10
Final rating: 7.95/10


DCT Episode 45: Wonder Woman 1984, or We Don't Get the Vitriol Against This Movie

Indian Express

Da Couch Tomato Podcast, Episode 45, discussing Wonder Woman 1984, why we don't agree that it was the worst movie of 2020, and why it didn't quite nail the feel of the 80s.

Sting Lacson's rating: 7/10
Rachel's rating: 7.3/10
Final rating: 7.15/10


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