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The Mistress

The John Lloyd-Bea Alonzo combo never fails to deliver. I bet this was another blockbuster because I only heard about this movie through word of mouth (though I'm sure I've seen the trailer before, but it was forgotten into obscurity), and I've heard it from lots of mouths!

Rumor-mongering: better than the Internet!

Now I got to watch this film on a Monday night. And the house was packed to the rafters! On a fuckin' Monday! And it wasn't even a holiday! I just love the Filipino audience!

Worth dying for? Just the audience for now.

The John Lloyd-Bea ("Jobeloyd"?) love team I believe will only lose its lustre when they grow into old geezers. They can milk that fuckin' cow for decades to come! Believe you me. As long as people are in love and cheesy, then they can just expect the milk and make it rain! Proof of this is that the last movie John Lloyd and Bea did together was Miss You Like Crazy, which was back in 2010. Two years later, they just picked up where they left off. It's as if nothing happened!

Though I'm sure somethin' kinky happened here.

Let me just comment about some points. The main good point, being the chemistry between the two. That's because they have plenty of romantic movies under their belts. They can cry with each other virtually at will I suppose, so acting just comes naturally.

The story's pretty cool, too! John Lloyd's dad (Ronaldo Valdez) and John Lloyd (Eric a.k.a. "JD") were in love with the same chick (Bea as Sari a.k.a. "Rosario"). Well actually, Bea was only a mistress (SPOILER ALERT!), so Ronaldo Valdez's character couldn't possibly be in love with her.

But still, screwing!

So that's a really cool plot brewing right there, right? But as all good things go, they all come to an end. As I expected, this would never have had a happy outcome, with all the complications of the situation goin' on.

But as you know, with Filipino romantic films, even if the ending is a sad one (a.k.a. "the couple doesn't end up together"), they still manage to turn it into a smiler because of a lot of "what-ifs" being imagined by the two main lovers. What if they didn't break up? What if John Lloyd's dad wasn't in the picture? What if Bea wasn't a mistress?

"What If" by Babyface topped at #80 and #28 in the
US Billboard and US R&B charts, respectively.

This flick gets an 8 outta 10 for the kinda' original screenplay, superb "Jobeloyd" chemistry, and for Bea showing us her cleaves and how firm it was (as shown by John Lloyd applying some pressure on it.)


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