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Doctor Who. Series 7, Episode 3: "A Town Called Mercy"


See, I was right about the title skins. This one has a desert theme─layered rock sediments, not unlike the cross-section of the Grand Canyon.

The reason for the desert theme is because the TARDIS and its inhabitants have landed smack right in the middle of the Wild West. No, scratch that. It's not as "wild" as we are used to. Yes, there are duels, high noon showdowns, and galloping on horseback. But it's quite tame; not wild at all.

If you look closely, the Doctor is actually smiling.

Apart from cyborg gunslingers and alien facial tattoos, this episode isn't as great as the first two that preceded it. This episode wasn't penned by Steven Moffat, but by Toby Whithouse, and directed by relative newcomer Saul Metzstein, who made his directorial debut with the Pond Life webisodes.

Life with a Pond always puts you in constant danger.

Anyway, there's something I'd like to say before ending this review. The gunslinger shot the sheriff. But he didn't shoot the deputy.

Yeah, I know. Lame-o. Bob Marley is probably turning in his grave right now.

"Also, Stetsons are cool."

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