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Another local movie that fell under the "horror/thriller" category this year─these things are actually gaining ground in the movie industry and there's no signs of letting up.

Just like Carlo J. Caparas and his massacre flicks before.

This flick included my good ol' friend Timmy Eigenmann's sis Andi (who's also a crush, sorry Tim!), that Angelito Batang Ama dude from Channel 2 (JM De Guzman), Janice De Belen, Joel Torre, Ronnie Lazaro, Baron Geisler, that gay newcomer named "Bekimon", and introducing Venus Raj!

In all fairness, Venus pulled off the acting here. She looked natural!

Besides the body looking natural, of course.

The way she used the term "friend"? I liked it!

I dunno what is up with Janice and Joel. Joel is also included in this upcoming horror flick Tiktik. And so is Janice. So I guess these two vet actors are just trying to cash in on the horror craze that's goin' on.

Good thing her "tiyanak" wasn't involved.

Baron Geisler once again did a superb job being a dick in this flick. Or he really is a dick in real life, that's why he looks so natural.

We've just got to use this photo again.

JM De Guzman could do nothing but make himself look cute in front of the camera. That's just my opinion. He only projects his good image, but doesn't really put a premium on his acting. His career won't last long if he's just banking on his looks and not his skills.

On the other side of the spectrum is Mr. Ronnie Lazaro. He doesn't give a f*ck how he looks. He just wants to deliver superb acting to the audience. His high-pitched laugh really sounded natural.

Won't sound natural with the gun pointed at you.

As for Andi, she doesn't need any kudos for her acting. It's a given. She's an Eigenmann. Her acting skills are ingrained in her DNA.

But I just wanna' hear the bedroom voice. No acting, please!

This flick for me only deserves a 5 outta 10.
Plus 1.5 for showin' Andi's cleaves.
Overall 6.5 outta 10!

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Anonymous said...

Pls. Be Aware not to hurt anyones feelings, specially when describing an individual, or you are not describing but discrimminating.." that gay fag named bekimon" show as you are an educated individual.

We have changed the offensive words in question, and we apologize for any offense or inconvenience this might have caused. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and do continue patronizing this blog.

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