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Doctor Who. Series 7, Episode 4: "The Power of Three"

This episode's title skin: cubes.

This episode shows what it's like to really love a show.

You know when you love someone, and that someone has some small habits that you just totally hate, like how they fart all the time, or how they make really loud slurping sounds when they eat? And yet you love that person, despite the flaws.

Would you love her, even if she always forgets your birthday, snores
when she sleeps, and doesn't flush the toilet?

And that's the same thing with Doctor Who. Not every episode is a winner. Some episodes are good, some are memorable, and some episodes you will never forget. But some episodes are, well, um... some... aren't that great. There. But you still love the show, despite the flaws.

The monocle would've made this episode better,
if only they gave it more screen time.

Take this episode, for instance. In the beginning, it's all, "Oh look! Black cubes! They're so cute! I want one!" Then fifteen minutes into the episode, you still don't know what the cubes are, and then it becomes boring. And I believe my boredom was largely due to the fact that, except for the last part, they practically never left Earth.

"Hi! I'm the alien ship, and I only appear at 30:49!"

The Doctor, Matt Smith especially, is not suited to the domestic life (and for that same reason David Tennant would be a terrible casting choice for Downton Abbey). Being stationary is boring, and would be a waste of Matt Smith's comedic potential. Throw him in other worlds, with monsters and aliens. That is his natural habitat. Not the boring life of a happily married couple.

I am curious as to how fish fingers and custard tastes like.

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Halatang na-bore ka. Hehe. I hope this is just the great plunge before the big bang, the last episode of the Ponds that is. Excited for The Weeping Cherubs of NYC.

John said...

This is the most glamorous post i have seen today, thanks for sharing it it really rocks!

Accredited High School Diploma Online

I too am excited for next episode, not because of the weeping angels, but because it's a Moffat episode. :-)

@John: The only reason I publish comments like yours is so that it'll look like people actually read this blog.

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