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Downton Abbey. Series 2 + 2011 Christmas Special

(For the purpose of this review, Downton Abbey Series 2 means its eight episodes and the 2011 Christmas Special. All right, let's get on to it.)

I'm just going to make this quick and easy (and because the third season has just begun this month). The last time we were at Downton Abbey, it was just announced that England is at war with Germany. And what did the war bring to people of Downton? Drama. Lots of it.

"Whatever do you mean, me dear? We are a drama series."

Drama is sort of a double-edged sword—even if it's English drama. No one wants to watch crying and moping all the time. It tends to drag. I really miss the bitchy, snarky ping-pong of dialogue and quotable quotes, most notably from the Dowager Countess herself played by Maggie Smith (who was awarded the Emmy's Best Supporting Actress for Drama recently).

"I suppose I have to thank you. I very much deserve it, too."

But Series 2 feels a bit more real. After all, wars do change a lot, so why should the Crawleys be an exception? If you're a fan of Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew (Dan Stevens), then you're in for a treat. Or if you fancy Anna (Joanne Froggatt) and Mr. Bates (Brendan Coyle), then expect to be at the edge of your seat. To sum it up, there is no shortage of intrigue or attention-deserving moments. You'll just realize afterwards that something is a bit off.

See, even Thomas (Rob James-Collier) is sobbing.

To give you a little tease without giving away anything...

Ms. Lavinia Swire (Zoe Boyle) is engaged to Matthew. (Oh no!)

Mr. Richard Carlisle (Ser Jorah Mormont Ian Glen) is set to marry Mary. (I just had to.)

Mr. Bates and Anna have some CSI(-ing) to do.

Lots of changes after the war, eh?

Dearie, if you want to spread your legs, make sure you can buy bread and eggs. (What?)

The first season was a mix of sinister plotting, unwanted sexual advances, and secret romance. I think Downton Abbey should be just that—a mix of a lot of things and not just drama. Hello?! It's a prestigious British family with an American mom, and a Scottish rebellious son-in-law, and a bitchy grandmum. And don't get me started on the kinds of people in their service. There's a whole lot of other things to see up or down that house other than drama.

And none of this particularly low point again, please.

Downton Abbey Series 2 + 2011 Christmas Special gets a seven out of ten, for entertaining bits of way too much drama in one English season.

On to the next season. Let's hope that Downton Abbey stir things up.

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Haven't watched Series 3 yet. Hope it's good. Hehe.

Looks promising if you watch the first few dialogues. It's the '20s already, so changes are in order. And stylish dress styles for the girls, I hope. Hehe.

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