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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 19: Klaus

Move over Damon.

"I believe the term you're searching for is OMG."

Oh. My. God. I'm at a loss for words after watching it, and Elijah put words into my mouth. This episode is all about Klaus, but still managed to settle pieces of the puzzle for the rest of the season. I can't write about this episode without spoilers so consider that a warning.

Klaus is Elijah's bastard half-brother who's not only a vampire but also a werewolf. The Sun and the Moon Curse is fake, but there is a curse on Klaus alone. Because the witches spelled his werewolf side dormant while his real father and family were murdered by Elijah's father, he seeks to break that curse and reawaken his werewolf side to spawn his own hybrid species.  

Underworld much? Not that I'm complaining. I see now why Matt Davis also had so much elbow room with the character. But Joseph Morgan playing Klaus is engaging, both the actor and the character. But it's too premature to say that he's worth the hype and the wait. Besides, the truckload of information (or lack thereof) on vampires, werewolves, or servants of nature, a.k.a. witches, made public in this episode makes room for more seasons to come.

A little like Damon yet also a little like Stefan.

On a side note: Elijah makes flashbacks really more pleasing to watch. Maybe it's the way he talks for one, in a noble manner that probably doesn't exist in this day and age. I wish they'd give him a regular spot. But that's a long shot, as two vampire brothers plus a classy one might just be too big for Mystic Falls. It would be such a loss however if Elijah dies. He's like the best of both the Salvatore brothers.

2011 from, what, the 1400s: two guys fighting over a girl, how cliche.

Speaking of the Salvatore brothers, I kinda like it that they're fighting again. It kinda gives off the feeling that the show is going back to its roots—sibling rivalry, just like Elijah and Klaus. And we have now come full circle. The parallelism between Katherine and Elena, and Elijah and Klaus and Stefan and Damon is a little to evident to ignore. But it is yet to be determined if both stories are to meet the same fate. Of course, the writers would not allow (I hope!) any predictability to the show, which makes it more exciting. Tyler and Jules are in attendance in the next episode, so that should shake things up a bit more.

"Now that's more like it."

This is already too long for a micro but let me add a few more things of note: Alaric is alive, thank you! Jenna is in the know, too, just like the Mama Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff. I bet next episode will see everybody back in action, and expect (or not to expect) Damon to shatter that.


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