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Doctor Who. Series 4

My relationship with Doctor Who is a little bit complicated. It's all the way fangirl-y but... I didn't want to review it because I didn't know why I was so engrossed with it. I mean, I knew I liked any stories with time travel as its key plot, but I thought  Doctor Who  was just a television show that I like a lot. I'd go all giggly about it and then I'd move on with the next one after I watched it. I guess it's like my relationship with Sucker Punch or The Vampire Diaries.

My relationship with Doctor Who is more like my relationship with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm like, oh I'm gonna watch it because it's about vampires (time travelling) and I'll probably geek out about it but wait, what? What's this? After hours and hours spent in front of it, I'm now googling, wikipedia-ing, youtube-ing, using Doctor Who references in all of my blogs whenever I can, etc etc etc-ing, what is this feeling?

Feelings! What are these feeeeeelingggs?

You know how when you like someone and you spend so much time with them and people ask you, do you love this someone? And you're like, oh I don't know. I just really like this someone's company. And they're like thinking, oh you love this someone, you just don't know it yet because if you didn't love this someone, you could have just probably said no, I didn't love this someone. And then the next stage will probably be: you'll start thinking why you like this someone and you wouldn't know why. You know, because this someone can be such a bitch sometimes. But still you stay anyway. And when it finally strikes you on the head that you're probably in love with this someone, you start to babble no no no it can't be! That bastard? Eeew. Impossible! But but but... those... um, eyes.

Yep. Doctor Who is kind of like that. One minute you're like, WHAT THE FUCK was that monster made out of human fat? Or, shut up, humanity is brilliant already. Or, oh please can everybody stop relying on the Doctor? He's not Jesus you know (well, unless for that Series 3 ender).

On the other hand, you stay glued to it. Because it's funny. Because of the Vashta Nerada. Because you get to meet Agatha Christie. Because it's fun seeing Donna Noble shut the Doctor up (and the other way around). Because it makes you cry at one scene, and laugh just seconds after. Because you totally wish you have a sonic screwdriver and your room is like the TARDIS, totally bigger on the inside.

Doctor Who is part crap, part brilliant. All the way fabulous. It's like Goosebumps meets... I don't know what it meets actually. I'm not an expert on sci-fi shows. I'm just saying, if I were six years old and my Dad was watching Battlestar Galactica, I'd probably be sleeping. Now if it was Doctor Who, we probably would have forged a bond that can never ever be broken.

Now to be more Series 4-centric, because this review should really be about the fourth series:

1. Donna Noble is the bestest, bestest companion ever. Okay, I have only seen Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Sarah Jane (I'm guessing a lot of people like Amy Pond because she's hot, though I'm not closing my mind on that one) but so far, Donna Noble is the best the Doctor can have. Because she's funny, loud, and though she has moments of relying too much on the Doctor, she doesn't do it obsessively like the others. She's the best BFF the Doctor can have. If you want someone to be with you forever in your TARDIS, she's the perfect choice. Because this is worth repeating over and over, she didn't fall in love with the Doctor. This alone helps tone down the drama, make things less complicated, so we could focus more on the fun.

2. David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Though my favorite is Christopher Eccleston─because he was a grumpy yummy old man─I doubt anyone can resist the charms of David Tennant. It's all in the wiggly eyebrows, baby.

3. Rose Tyler comes back. Yes, some of you hate her but you can't deny that excitement of wondering how the Doctor and Rose's love story will conclude this time. I'm actually pretty torn about it since I'm a hopeless romantic who thought it was fabulous the way it used to be: both of them are well and alive, but they can't see each other ever, ever, ever. Now that they have seen each other, and we find out forever's not really forever... and then there's that other Doctor...

4. Oh, by the way, I'm still not buying this anti-gun-peace-loving crap the Doctor has. The villains of this series are right. The Doctor is a pretentious, morally uptight alien who represses his guilt over the mayhem he gets involved with.

5. Most wonderful are the fucking brilliant episodes "Silence in the Library", "Forest of the Dead", "Midnight", and "Turn Left".

"Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" introduced me to my favorite monsters, the Vashta Nerada (who live in the shadows and eat human flesh in milliseconds), displayed a heart wrenching scene of Donna losing her make-believe children, and showed, for me, the most normal but integral human thing the Doctor has ever portrayed: restraining himself from finding out what the future holds for him.

Then there's "Midnight", focusing only on the Doctor. And we get to clearly see how he is no better than anybody else stuck in that plane. A full episode with almost nothing but talking. Psychological mayhem ensues!

Wonderfully afterwards is "Turn Left". It focuses on Donna and we get to see how little she thinks of herself when she is actually what everyone needs. See the obvious juxtaposition?

Not only was each episode brilliant, the arrangement of their airing contributes to it being brilliant, too.

6. However, "The Doctor's Daughter" episode sucked. The daughter is so hot though. Think Buffy-meets-Veronica-Mars hotness.

7. There. I don't think I'm not forgetting anything important. I'm still downloading other Doctor Who stuff (because the specials and supplemental episodes confuse me) so for the sake of clarity, when I say Series 4, I mean from "Voyage of the Damned" up to "Journey's End".

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