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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 17: Know Thy Enemy

Another burn, another death. Let the killings continue.

"I'll be super pissed if you lock me out."

I will be, too, if not for the overflowing revelations this show has showered me with in this episode. But Jenna is still in the dark. Matt isn't though, and so is Sheriff Forbes. All because Caroline loves Matt. She threw away everyone's secret for a boy's love and acceptance. Overrated, if you ask me. But it's gonna be a whole new ball game now that the Sheriff knows who's who... at a time when the big bad Klaus is to set foot in Mystic Falls.

Finally, Isobel is dead. I never liked her, not because she gave up Elena or because she's a vampire bitch who never says what she means. But because she's so bland. Crying, flirting, bitching—she acts all the same to me. I'm not even going to ponder if she was sincere in her last moments with Elena. Good riddance to her. And I believe a lot more will follow in her footsteps. It could be Alaric next, what, being sort of possessed by Klaus. But I so hope he lives if only for the Damon-Alaric bromance.

Bonnie is now a witch times 100, thanks to Damon's knowledge of where the Salem witches were burned. But she might kill herself in the process of taking on Klaus. Poor Jeremy, his role's existence is in jeopardy again, while Uncle John had, I don't know, his nth life in this series. Why doesn't he die ?! It feels like I'm watching him in Alias all over again!


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