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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 18: The Last Dance

You can't kill me. I'm the resident black "witch bitch".

"I've got moves you've never seen."

Actually, I saw those coming. A big event means someone major is going to die—usually. And since it's been expected from every episode with a big-big event, the writers had to do something to make it less predictable. Solution: Bonnie and Damon team up to fake Bonnie's death for Klaus (in Alaric's body) to believe that his main threat is eliminated before he actually steps foot in Mystic falls. It's kinda obvious really. And though Klaus defies myths (not needing an invitation since he's taken over a human body but can still compel people), simple deception could have just bought the gang some time and their secret weapon "BonnieX100" back since she went into hiding until the real Klaus comes.

But I'd have to say that Alaric as Klaus has given Matt Davis some room to play and show off his good acting chops. But I don't know about the dialogue he's been given: "Safari Sam", "witch bitch", "haggard history teacher"?! I'm going to puke if another alliteration or homonym is used by this obviously era-confused vampire. I hope to God Damon doesn't get the same cheap lines. "I will always choose you" is undeniably a slap-in-the-face example of a best line (if delivered smack on like Damon always does)—simple, direct, and full of meaning.

Also, Sheriff Forbes and "deputy sheriff" a.k.a. Matt is on to something that can turn everything upside down. Now I know why Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline are the best-est of friends: They're all so thick. First, Elena and Bonnie took so long to figure out that Alaric is not who he is. Grah. And now, Caroline is too in love with Matt she couldn't pinpoint what's wrong with him not kissing her enough and her mom acting all weird. Come on girls, grab some balls!

And leave it to Elena complicate it all the more: She just pulled the dagger out of Elijah. Do. Not. Blink.


zeke said...

was it Elena? well i guess so. i think she's got some plan.

Yes, I think it was Elena since Katherine is stuck with Klaus' man-witch, stabbing herself. I think her plan is to negotiate/cooperate with Elijah to kill Klaus so Bonnie doesn't have to die for her. How it pans out though, we'll have to wait and see. :D

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