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Sting Lacson Oscar Predictions

Get ready for Oscar mania.

First of all, let me state that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is just like any award-giving body. You should never, ever let their choices dictate your taste in cinema.

Second, they've had more misses than I can handle. By "misses", I mean that they've been giving awards to those who don't deserve it, and they've been passing over people who truly deserved them.

Here now are my predictions for the Academy Awards.

1. Robert Downey, Jr. will not win for Best Supporting Actor. His nomination was more like Johnny Depp's nomination for Best Actor as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The Academy recognized his acting ability, but he will not win for that role. Maybe next time.

2. The Dark Knight will take home some technical awards.

3. WALL-E will win for Best Animated Feature Film.

4. If Danny Boyle wins Best Director, Slumdog Millionaire will not win Best Picture.

5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will bring home the most trophies.

6. The Best Picture category has been narrowed down to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire. Although I love Slumdog Millionaire more, Benjamin Button will win because it's All-American. Slumdog is a really great film, but it's about India. Danny Boyle (and the whole of England for that matter), has ties with India, politically, economically, culturally. The Americans, on the other hand, have none. To majority of the American movie-going public, Slumdog Millionaire will just seem like a very good foreign film.

In analyzing this, I relied on past decisions of the Academy, where huge All-American epics set in the American south were always favored to win, and almost always brought home the prize. Taking into account the Academy's new membership, it would be no surprise at all if Benjamin Button wins. But if Slumdog wins, then the same new members would be responsible for opening Hollywood to World Cinema.

These are just predictions, ladies and gentlemen. I am not a god, and this is still anybody's ball game. As Master Yoda said, "Always in motion the future is." If my predictions do not come true, then that can only mean that the Academy's new members will soon change the way Americans view Hollywood cinema. And that is actually a good thing, as American movies desperately need a dash of foreign flavor to spice it up just a little bit.

*This post does not share the same views and opinions as the other author of this blog.


tina said...

"The Dark Knight will take home some technical awards."


"If Danny Boyle wins Best Director, Slumdog Millionaire will not win Best Picture."


"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will bring home the most trophies."

really? how come it was snubbed by other award-giving bodies? although, i suppose the oscar's is a different arena altogether...

"As Master Yoda said, 'Always in motion the future is.'"

he said this?! omg. i don't remember this line... ;_; i am no longer a true star wars fan. XP

forget these predictions, they've been negated by the Oscar results haha.

And yes, Master Yoda did say that, I think in Attack of the Clones. I thought your brother was the Star Wars fan. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder why movies like Twilight never get any nominations.

Well Twilight wasn't very good so...

tina said...

@sting everyone in the family except my mother is a star wars fan... i grew up watching the original trilogy over and over, especially during the holidays XD it's just that, well, my brothers and my father are bigger fans than i am. palusot =))

oh, attack of the clones. no wonder i didn't remember it. :)) i *did* watch the entire prequel trilogy, but i remember precious little of it... it's more like eye candy to me than anything else ._.;;

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