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T4xi (Taxi 4)

Let's make it clear first: this is the original Taxi series, the French one. Not the lousy American remake starring Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah.

This is the fourth film in the franchise, and almost everyone in the original cast is back, including director Gérard Krawczyk. We still have the same taxi driver Daniel, played by Samy Naceri, who this time drives a Peugeot 407, unlike the previous three films where he drove a 406. We also have Frédéric Diefenthal who reprises his role as the klutzy cop Émilien, and who is still married to his hot cop-wife Petra. And of course we have the extremely funny Bernard Farcy, still as the police Commissaire Gibert.

Although the story is still written by the legendary Luc Besson, whose fascination for fast cars gave birth to the Transporter franchise, the humor has somewhat diminished, and the adrenaline-pumping car chase sequences of the previous three films were not carried over. The funniest character in the whole movie is still definitely Bernard Farcy, whose mere facial expressions guarantee laugh-out-loud moments.

All in all, T4xi is a watchable film. Not as good as its predecessors, but a welcome break from the normal Hollywood comedies.

Rating: Six out of ten.


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