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I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal
by Sue Denim

Let's see...
Given birth almost eight years ago. (No stitches there, thanks God!) Check. 
Breastfed for three months (Milk factory closed earlier than expected.) Check. 
And just turned 31 a couple of months back. (Yes, that's the real number!). Check.

Long story short, age is catching up on me and my body isn't as perky as I imagined it would be when I turned 30 and a year. Excuse me for saying but I think I still have the curves but sometimes they do bulge out in the wrong places. And when I need to look good and confident, I just need a little help for my undergarments to put by curves in place. And when they are, I can slip into anything nicely.

Breastfeeding alone can take a toll somewhat to a woman's breasts. But it's all worth it, giving baby the best nutrition he deservesespecially if you have this: 

And I've always been biased to love low-rise undies.
(Disclaimer: This is not a photo of me.)

This thickly padded three-quarter t-shirt bra from the Wacoal collection gives the protection and lift I need for an awesome cleavage and appearance of fullness, like you're still breastfeeding or like when you're still in college. It gives me confidence. I can move comfortably without the restricting corset-like undergarment. Because when you have a cleavage to flaunt, people tend to not notice the post-preggy bump I still haven't completely shaved offafter almost eight years! 

Not really, but it still feels great!




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