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Patayin sa Overreading ang Pelikula

A Create-Your-Own-Clever-Movie-Review.

Director Name Drop's Movie Title in Italics is a fun, humorous take on the subject of cinema trophes.

Yet, that doesn't seem enough to make this review About Me, the Reviewer.

In Name Drop's satire on films of the same genre, we see a consciousness that is Anti-Something. Although, taken as a whole, the films seems to promote tolerance for Something, a closer reading of some scenes may be interpreted  as subconscious Anti-Something sentiments which only perpetuates Anti-Something perceptions and assumptions of the Something Community.

The fact that I, The Reviewer Who Has No Formal Training in Critical Studies, has identified this Anti-Something layer to the work as I write this article for a publication which has a readership slightly higher than the population of the island of B2201 in the South China Sea (said island is submerged in water twice a day, depending on the tide) is a testament to my cleverness.

I will now ask these rhetorical questions, won't I? This is my attempt at being convincing, isn't it?

I now give a cursory review of the ensemble's acting. Indie Actress is brilliant, Comedic Actress has flawless timing, and Matinee Idol is a revelation as the Borderline Caricature. Through Matinee Idol's histrionics, we see Borderline Caricature's world in its pallid glory, and other contrasting concepts I'm throwing together here to juxtapose how I can phrase together seemingly conflicting notions as, again, a testament to my brilliance as an underpaid critic.

I now drop cinema jargon here, commenting on the mise-en-scene, to make-up for how little I really know about the process. I then refer to David Lynch's underground, early works. Perhaps, I'll drop Kurosawa's name here, just to let you know that I, too, am exposed to Asian cinema. Argento, Argento. Insert "-esque" after the name of another director to make me sound hip; I love the suffix "-esque" and its non-committal assertion in its insertion. It means Something is Another Thing, But Not Really... It's "Another Thing-esque".

But the flaw of the work which I will latch on, and obsessively talk about is the Anti-Something reading which I gleamed from a badly executed in-joke. Why must I ask another rhetorical question here? Because. Why must I ask another rhetorical question here? For the timing. Why must I, finally, ask a slightly re-phrased rhetorical question here? Rule of threes.

In this summary paragraph, I once again highlight my Anti-Something Overreading of the work. Because I'm not happy with just a movie review, I must write a "reading" of "the film". You will think I'm clever, perhaps quote me if you will. But what I did, really, is waste your time.

I give this film a rating of Arbitrary Number of Stars over Some Standard of Stars, or raised thumbs. Like that matters.


Sherlock. Episode 3: "The Great Game"

Among the three episodes of Sherlock thus far, this is probably my least favorite. Make no mistake, I love all of them. But if I had to choose which one was my least favorite, and if I had a gun to my head, then I'd say it's "The Great Game".

First, there's just too much going on.

Too much, in fact, that Sherlock just got an orgasm.

There are five phone pips here, each pip being one mystery, so that's five mysteries in all. And although each of the five mysteries can stand alone, they are merely sub-mysteries of one big mystery. Which involves...

Professor Moriarty, which is my second point here.

I know Moriarty is psycho. But Andrew Scott is just creepy. It's the way he delivers his lines─like he's definitely unhinged. He should've been killed. Plus, he looks a bit like Jim Parsons.

My new favorite character in this show (like we have a lot to choose from) is none other than this guy:

"Who? Me?"

Yep. Mycroft Holmes. Sherlock's brother. Played by Mark Gatiss. If you think the name rings a bell, it should. You've seen it before.

Yes, he's the writer of this episode, and the co-creator of this series. And he's a bloody brilliant actor.

I loved the root canal bit.

Sherlock (Episode 3). UK. 2010.

Rating: Eight point five out of ten.

*some info from IMDb and Wikipedia
pics from VLC


The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 2: "The Hybrid"

They owned up to their off-cam relationship as well.

This episode is more fast-paced and action-packed than the season opener. And the writers gave us good lines to remember it by. It just goes to show that The Vampire Diaries hasn't lost its punch. Stefan's "dark side" having an impact in his overall psyche should be exciting in the long run. Clearly, though, this season would be full of Damon-Elena, which I'm biased to say I'm very pleased and very excited to see how it all pans out. (They kind of remind me of Han Solo and Princess Leia, excuse the Star Wars reference.) It's also interesting to see how Jeremy's ghosts will haunt the overall supernatural meter of this show's already-interesting plots.

The line between good and bad is nothing but a big blur, now that practically everybody is in on the vampire-werewolf situation. Including Caroline's dad, who's supposed-to-be-gay-but-is-really-a-vampire-hunter. Or is he a vampire hunter who's gay?

*Screencap from VLC


The Man in Manual: A Book Review of The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook

I gravitated towards Matt Dun's The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook like poor people to the Bible. I was recently heartbroken, doomed horribly unattractive by my objet d'affections as "sexually unattractive" (exact words, no exaggeration), and the blurb at the back of this book read like writings on Facebook walls:

"It's not me - it's you. You've let yourself go, so I'm letting you go, too." When Edward Middleton hears those words from Jane, his girlfriend of the past ten years, he knows he's in serious trouble. Determined to get her back, Edward must learn how to make women fancy him again. But what makes for a good boyfriend nowadays? Right now, he's the kind of man who puts the 'ex' into 'sexy'. One thing is certain: If he's to be Jane's Mr. Right, he needs to turn himself into a bit of all right. From Atkins and Botox, Edward begins working his way through the makeover alphabet. But can cuddly Teddy really become sexy Eddie? Can he rise from the ranks of discarded exes? Or has his journey of self-discovery taken him in a different direction entirely?"

Received with generally positive reviews, the book offers a rare glimpse into the male post-break-up psyche. Insecurities are aired in the open, sometimes wrenched from their hiding places by Edward's lothario of a friend Dan, his personal trainer Sam, and the barmaid Wendy.

The narrative reads like, as the title suggests, a handbook. We join Edward's journey to self-recovery and rediscovery through makeovers physical, social, and, ugh, behavioral. The story has a tendency to be indulgent in detailing the steps of Edward's rehabilitation, and is constantly in danger of sounding too much like several feature articles on grooming compiled together until the spine's thick enough for the project to be published as a book.

The dialogue is witty. There are laugh out loud moments, no doubt. The narrator's editorializing voice, though, is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes, it shows potential for being insightful, at times it just sounds... flat and bored and dry as a, well, as a handbook. It's not hard to imagine the book as a hit HBO series, it's paced well enough, and the author has certainly shown a knack for comedy.

Near the end, the story gets tedious. We get it, we get it, Edward's pushing himself to get his girl back, can we please skip a chapter or two? (Yes, personally, I would edit out a couple of scenes to tighten up the otherwise solidly hilarious story.)

The book ends with a sappy, sweet ending that wouldn't have been amiss in a Star Cinema summer presentation. If you're the type who goes for sappy, sweet endings, then you're in luck. If you're not, well, what business had you picking up a book that says The Ex-Boyfriend Handbook in the first place?

Here are my casting choices if this was to be adapted into a movie / TV series:

Seth Rogen's got that cuddly charm, and bearish appearance of sweet Edward MIddleton
A fun contrast to Dan Davis, who can be played by my British boyfriend Aidan Turner.
And just because I miss her so much, I'd like for Catherine Tate to show up
and be Edward's femme fatale boss Natasha.

My Recommendations: READ this book IF you want a fun and funny read you can take in small, daily sips. Don't read this book as a substitute for Eat, Pray, Love or your Daily Devotionals. READ this book if you're a guy, and you're open to self-improvement. Don't read this book if you think you don't need someone else to tell you what to do. Read this book if at one point in your life you felt inadequate.

My Ratings: As much fun as two bottles of Tanduay Ice; as smart and insightful as eight episodes of Sex and The City.


The Secret Circle. Episode 2: "Bound"

Still no chants but a call-out to the elements, at least.

Come on. There should be a better way to do the recap of the previous episode. Please!

Judging by the episode title, yes, the circle has been bound, of course, since there are more sinister plots to discover and more witch stuff to explore. The mention of "The Elders" brings back the Charmed days. In general, acting is a bit flat. That needs to improve as well, aside from the wardrobe. And do not talk about Harry Potter like that. Three words for this episode (aside from the title which pretty much says it all): Crystal, Death, and Boobs/Cleavage Parade.

And by the way, very effective creepy-but-cute theme: Tara-rara-ra, tara-rara-ra, tara-rara-rara...

*Screencap from VLC.


New Girl. Pilot

If you love Zooey Deschanel, you will definitely love this. I can't quite explain the show's kind of comedy, but it works. Carrying topics on relationships, men-women dynamics, and what-have-you, it definitely guarantees plenty of laughs, "ewws", "awws", and awes for half an hour. Seriously. Just watch it.

Who's this girl? It's Jess.

Jess is a crazy (in a good way) girl who just lost her long-term boyfriend and the apartment she shared with him. She needs a place to stay, so she moves in with three men in their really cool apartment. Oh, and she sings a lot and is friends with models.

Coach, Bartender-Who-Just-Got-Dumped-Too, and Pink-Wearing Womanizer.

Little black dress belongs to the model friend.

For the record, I think the show's greatest contribution to the world so far is...

A dollar for every man's douchbaggery.
That's Php50 for every Pinoy douchebag, and we're off to pay our national debt.

*Screencaps from VLC


Star Power (Mayweather VS Ortiz)

Josesito Lopez VS Jesse Vargas
Lopez comes into this fight with more experience. But after the first round, he's the one who's bloodied with a cut lip. The battering basically continued until the third round, when Vargas suddenly ate some Lopez knuckles. The round ended with Lopez bangin' away. Vargas' knees even buckled!

Vargas' knee

In rounds 4 and 5, Lopez was the more aggressive one. But Vargas was the one who was landing the cleaner shots. Despite these clean landings, Vargas was rocked a li'l bit once again.

In the eighth round, Lopez received a low blow by Vargas. Lopez almost automatically had this round 10-8. After that losing round, Vargas seemed to have found another gear, albeit with rubbery legs.

Now in the tenth and final round, Vargas almost went out, but it wasn't enough for Lopez. Vargas wins via split decision!

Adonis Stevenson VS Dion Savage
This was one for the super-middleweights. Heavy punchers, I should say. In the opening round, Adonis "Superman" Stevenson from Quebec, Canada showed everyone why he's Superman. He had Savage kissin' the canvas. Referee Tony Weeks gave him another chance to fight, but he blew it. Savage wasn't returning any shots so Weeks said that enough was enough. Stevenson wins via TKO.

I don't know why there's so many of 'em black Supermans!

Pablo Cesar Cano VS Erik "El Terrible" Morales
I really don't know anything about Cano. Except that he looks like one young tyke. He basically just outboxes Erik in the opening round.

Now in the following round, Cano had the edge  in punches landed, cutting off Morales' angles. Though El Terrible showed how wily he was, by doin' the basic 1-2's. which more or less connected. This kind of boxing continued 'till the third, where I think Morales stole because he was kinda' bullying Cano, showing the young pup his place.

At this point, I grew hungry, so I decided to grab a Quarter Pounder and fries. When I came back in the tenth, Cano was a bloody mess! Seemed like Morales used his experience to rack up some points. Erik Morales wins via ref stoppage to get the WBC Lightweight Championship of the World.

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez VS Alfonso Gomez
This Super Welterweight bout was live from Staples Center. Which was kinda' weird because Star Power is actually in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. But anyway, on with the program.

The first round was kinda' interesting. As Gomez was duckin' in, he ate a left hook from Alvarez, which floored him. The second round was a li'l different for Gomez was sending some body-head-body shots to Canelo. The roud ended with chants of  "Canelo" echoin' all throughout Staples Center.

I still don't really know WTF Canelo means, and I'm too lazy to Google it.

In the third, Gomez had an elbow in, and therefore was booed. After that round, Gomez had a slip. Then a barrage from Gomez commenced, with Alvarez cleverly doin' a shoulder roll to avoid damage, and at the same time deliverin' counters of his own. A counter-upper actually rocked Gomez.

Same thing happened in the fifth, with Gomez bringin' on the pressure. But Canelo just seemed to relax and back down. I should say the kid's pretty good!

I initially thought that the ref prematurely stopped the fight in the sixth. But if you're the ref, the thirteenth unanswered punch could be bad news for the boxer who's getting beaten to a pulp. Alvarez wins via TKO.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather VS "Vicious" Victor Ortiz
This is just like a typical Money fight, with lots of pugilists and celebs in attendance like Paulie Malignaggi, Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Winky Wright, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent (who was actually part of Floyd's entourage when he entered the ring), Magic Johnson, Denzel Washington, Mike Tyson, Oscar Dela Hoya,
P Diddy, Mark Wahlberg, etc. I also was confused because Floyd was comin' in as the challenger, and yet he owned the red corner and came in last. You could plainly see the dirty world of boxing politics comin' into play there.

Of course, the opening round belonged to Money. But Ortiz somehow managed to sneak in two heavy ones. Looked like FLoyd didn't like gettin' hit. Same story in the next round, with Money shaken up again. Though Money's just too fuckin' fast. He even threw some strange straight rights, where he was stomping his feet after the punch. It wasn't weird for me. It was just genius how he does it.

In the third, the speed difference really showed. Ortiz can't catch the Road Runner in Mayweather. He really makes stickin' and movin' beautiful to watch.

Now the fourth round was where the interesting stuff happened. Ortiz stupidly gave Floyd a head butt while he had him cornered. Tough luck for Ortiz, since he had a point taken against him. It was now almost impossible to catch up on points so a KO in the usual Ortiz fashion was Ortiz's ticket to victory. After the also-stupid ref named Joe Cortez separated the two, the fighters once again shook hands, with stupid Joe looking at the judges table. It was here that Money gave a sucker punch in the form of a mini left hook. This dazed Ortiz just a li'l bit so he looked to Joe to complain. This was another stupidity in Ortiz's part because he wasn't protecting himself so it gave Money an opportunity to sneak in a straight right while Ortiz wasn't lookin'.

Now you can call Floyd a cheater because in reality, he could have just waited for things to settle down, and he would still win the fight. Victor couldn't catch up with him anyway. And he also wasted my money because I was expecting a full 12 rounds! Or at least a sixth or seventh round, for Ortiz is notorious for gassin' out in the sixth. A big boo for Floyd. Can't wait for Pacman to beat him. Though I would still imagine that this would be a tall order for Manny, for how would he catch Mayweather? That is the question. Floyd's fuckin' bionic!

*images from outfitterssupply.com, http://weedoom.comhttp://andthatswhyyouresingle.comhttp://getsports24.com


2 Broke Girls. Pilot

I'm really sorry, Kat Dennings. You're cute, but you're not hot. And the other girl, what's her name, Beth Behrs (I had to google that), you're hot, but not cute. I mean, you have a hot body, but your face is not my type. Plus this is a studio sitcom. Which I don't like. Plus it's not that funny. So I'm not watching this anymore.

*pic from Digital Spy


Modern Family. Season 3, Episode 2: "When Good Kids Go Bad"

This is why Ty Burrell won the Emmy. His acting is priceless. He's like a good husband who flirts around sometimes, but it's just that. Harmless flirting. And he makes it seem so damn funny.

"What can I do? I'm an Emmy winner!"

Lily, on the other hand, is a really spoiled brat. And her attitude of non-sharing, she takes from her father Mitchell. I also know someone who doesn't like to share. Hehe.

I also know someone who likes to be carried.

Oh, and I would just like to say that half an hour of Modern Family is not enough. Definitely not enough.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


Modern Family. Season 3, Episode 1: "Dude Ranch"

By now, at the third season of this wonderful show, we all know that a season opener or a season ender has some sort of family event. Here they go to Wyoming. Like Wild West Wyoming. Cowboys. Mountains. And (too bad they didn't show it) so many stars that would put city lights to shame.

No Brokeback Mountain scene between Cam and Mitch.

Lily's grown up. She's a different actor now. And she can talk. Wonder how the writers are going to toy with her dialogue. They can't make a kid talk too witty now, can they?

Still Asian, though.

Alex gets her first kiss. Which was actually stolen from her by a goombah kid. Shouldn't be using the term "goombah", as it might be just a tad bit racist. Anyway, the cowboy dude tries to hit on Gloria. No success, though. Because he's ugly.

Are we going to see more of the goombah kid? I hope not.

Okay, wait, does this mean that Dylan is gone for good? He's a farmhand now? For real?


And also, congratulations to these two wonderful actors, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen.

That's right. Emmy winners. 2011. Beat that.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


Sherlock. Episode 2: "The Blind Banker"

More Sherlock. Man, I love this show so much.

This episode shows us more of Sherlock's eccentricities. Sherlock Holmes is not just a genius. He's half-genius and half-madman.

The master at work.

This episode also shows us more of Watson's normal side. He actually goes out on dates. And his date is quite pretty, too.

Gotta love John Watson's expression here.
Sherlock, as always, is a third wheel.

What makes the chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman work so well is the contrast between their characters. The normal-ness of John Watson balances out the pure weirdness of Sherlock Holmes.

And once more, Steven Moffat, you are a damn good writer. For those who don't know, every episode of Sherlock is kind of a hodge-podge of different Sherlock Holmes stories. This episode in particular takes from "The Valley of Fear" and "The Dancing Men". Now you have to admit that Steven Moffat is a master of adaptation. And this makes me excited about the upcoming Tintin flick. Directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Steven Moffat. Perfect.

"Two Stevens?"

Also, this episode introduced me to the beauty that is Gemma Chan. You are so damn cute, Gemma. But you died in this episode, so I guess you won't be coming back.

Click here to go to The Crush Archives.

Sherlock (Episode 2). UK. 2010.

Rating: Eight point eight out of ten.

*some info from Wikipedia
pics from Tumblr, VLC, and Comics Alliance


Game of Thrones Memes

Hooray for Peter Dinklage! Well, that's just one winner for Game of Thrones. Which is okay, though. Because I knew Peter Dinklage would win.

Anyway, it was because of Game of Thrones that I discovered the proper use of the website Tumblr, and along with that, I discovered the internet gem known as the meme. There are thousands of memes on Tumblr that relate to Game of Thrones, and I loved them so much that I thought to myself, "I can make memes that are just as funny as these, if not funnier." See how brash and confident I have become.

Anyway, to celebrate Peter Dinklage's win, here are my original memes for the first season of this wonderful show. They are presented here in the order in which I created them. The caption underneath is the title of the meme. Just because some people view memes as nonsense doesn't mean they can't have titles. Below the title is a short explanation about the meme.

Bran Rage Face
This was my very first meme, Game of Thrones or otherwise. It uses the Rage Face punchline (see last frame). See how many panels it has? Nine. That's too much for a meme. But of course, this is my first, so excuse me for learning from my mistakes.


Source Code

For this review of Source Code, I will attempt to explain it.

What is the Source Code? 
It's a computer program.

What does it do? 
It can insert a consciousness into the last eight minutes of another person's life.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal the consciousness that was inserted into the last eight minutes of another person?
You bet he is.

What kind of facial expression is that supposed to be?

What was the Source Code invented for?
I'm not sure, but I think it's to be able to prevent terrorist attacks.

So the Source Code can only relive a reality, and not change it?
That's what everyone thought at first.

If Jake Gyllenhaal's character can only relive the same eight minutes over and over again, why did the last reality continue on beyond eight minutes?
Because it ended differently. It should only last for eight minutes because the train blows up after eight minutes and everybody dies. But in the last reality, everybody lived. So their lives went on. This changed ending created a separate alternate reality where there was no train crash.

So how was Gyllenhaal able to send an e-mail to Vera Farmiga? 
Because like I said, Gyllenhaal created a new reality, and he wanted to tell Farmiga that the Source Code works even better than they thought. Screw it, here's Gyllenhaal's entire e-mail:
Lily awoke in an evening dress and an opera cloak. In her hand were 5 playing cards. At some point today, you're gonna hear about a failed terrorist attack on a commuter train near Chicago. You and I kept that bomb from going off. If you're reading this e-mail, then Source Code works even better than you and Dr. Rutledge imagined. You thought you were creating 8 minutes of a past event, but you're not. You've created a whole new world. Goodwin, if I'm right, somewhere at the Source Code facility, you have a Capt. Colter Stevens waiting to send on a mission. Promise me you'll help him. And when you do, do me a favor: tell him everything is gonna be okay.

Was Dr. Rutledge played by the actor who played Jean Michel Basquiat?
Yes, that's Jeffrey Wright from Basquiat. I love that film. Especially David Bowie playing Andy Warhol.


Do you think Michelle Monaghan is cute?
She's not really my type.

Do you think Vera Farmiga is hot? 
Oh yes.


Source Code. USA/France. 2011.

Rating: Seven out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
pics from Desk of Brian, Shagdora, and The Guardian


The Secret Circle. Pilot

Well, well, what do you know. It s another TV series adapted from a book of the same title by L.J. Smith. The same author of, you're right, The Vampire Diaries.

I know. How many times have we seen this plot: New girl moves into town. Kids her age flock to her like she's an outcast or a magnet for trouble. New girl realizes or finds out she's a witch and so are the kids she has met so far. Plus, new girl is the missing link to complete the circle and make all of them more powerful. And of course, the circle has to remain secret; also because they're in high school, too.

The Craft meets The Covenant. How many really completes a cirlce, four, five, or six?

The only reason I downloaded this is because of witchcraft and Lux (Brittany Robinson) from Life Unexpected. Plus, a bangs-less John Connor (Thomas Dekker) of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles who I didn't even know was part of the show. Nice hair for Britt, but she kind of reminds me of a young Michelle Williams here. Dekker needs to loosen his mane. He's cuter when he has some on his slightly large forehead (and ditch the eyeliner if you're wearing some). It's the show's first episode so there's room for improving the overall fashion sense of these kids. Not that it's bad; it just can be better.

That's not Edward Cullen and Bella Swan; the hair colors swtiched.

Of course, it's made with a teen audience in mind, so you have your resident bad girl, her confused sidekick, the mysterious/bad boy-next-door neighbor and also your love triangles (guy above-left about to kiss blonde girl is with girl below-left for three years already) and catty face-offs. Its creep-o-meter shoots up when you learn that some (if not all) of their parents know what they're up to and are up to something themselves. And if this show is about witchcraft, please keep in mind: the rhyming works but let's hear some chants; none of those random wishes or "signs".

Let's see how these girls get down and dirty, shall we?

For now, I'll take another shot at it and watch the next episode. But if you never hear me go 'round this circle again, then you know my verdict.

*screenshots from VLC


The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 1: "The Birthday Party"

How long was it since we last visited our gang in Mystic Falls? Really looooong. But finally, our thirst has been quenched. But I'm not sure if the first episode of Season 3 was great-great. And I'm sure, though (and I'm hope I'm right) that they are setting up the fireworks for the rest of the season. What it does, however, is let us catch up with everybody else two months since.

"The Ripper" Stefan (he has a signature crime scene!) is more brooding than ever.
Hybrid Klaus, sweet pea, the American accent really doesn't suit you.

Eighteen-year-old Elena is trying to live through another loss of a loved one—again.
Dashing Damon just lost his compelled girlfriend courtesy of "Hello Brother".

VampBarb Caroline and WolfDog Tyler are all supernatural horny-ness over each other.

"Sub-parent" Alaric just spent the entire summer on the Gilberts' couch. Stoned Jeremy (again?) confides his ghost problem with Human Matt. And Witch Bonnie is reduced to a video phone call for now. I could state a lot of plot predictions, good and bad, but what's important is The Vampire Diaries is back and I can't wait to see what they will serve us next.

Oh, if ever your guy's mom catches you sneaking out her house after you've just done the dirty with her son, hope and pray that Mommy doesn't have the same reaction as Mrs. Lockwood.

*snapshots from VLC


Sherlock. Episode 1: "A Study in Pink"

I've been a fan of Sherlock Holmes since grade school. Although I admit, I haven't read the entire canon. But I've read quite a lot. And if you've been a fan of Holmes for some time now, you'll recognize the title from A Study in Scarlet.

Then you get to the part where Sherlock asks John:

"Afghanistan or Iraq?"

Then you'll know that this is definitely A Study in Scarlet. And this is also the part where you get hooked.

Modernizing Sherlock Holmes─Best. Idea. Ever.

And then you see Benedict Cumberbatch. And while I've got nothing against Robert Downey, Jr., I think Cumberbatch is a better Sherlock. I think it's because RDJ makes Sherlock Holmes seem cool, but Sherlock Holmes is actually a square. He's an oddball that no one wants to hang out with─except Dr. John Watson.

And although Jude Law has more ovary-bursting good looks, I like Martin Freeman's Watson better. Freeman's Watson is an ordinary every-man, a perfect complement to Cumberbatch's oddball weirdo.

Also, he still kills like a soldier.

And because this series was co-created and co-written by Steven Moffat, I've now one more reason to check out Doctor Who.

Aside from Karen Gillan's legs.

Now before we end, let me just say that it is the first episode that will determine whether you will become a fan or not. And if the bloody brilliance of the character that is Sherlock Holmes doesn't turn you on, then Benedict Cumberbatch should do the trick.

This man spawned the word "Cumberbitch",
referring to all the women whose ovaries exploded.

*This is a single episode of an entire season (which consists only of three episodes), and one episode lasts almost 90 minutes, like a proper film in itself. As such, this will not be reviewed in the micro format, and thus will also get an individual rating.

Sherlock (Episode 1). UK. 2010.

Rating: Nine out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC, Tumblr and cdnds.net


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