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Sherlock. Episode 1: "A Study in Pink"

I've been a fan of Sherlock Holmes since grade school. Although I admit, I haven't read the entire canon. But I've read quite a lot. And if you've been a fan of Holmes for some time now, you'll recognize the title from A Study in Scarlet.

Then you get to the part where Sherlock asks John:

"Afghanistan or Iraq?"

Then you'll know that this is definitely A Study in Scarlet. And this is also the part where you get hooked.

Modernizing Sherlock Holmes─Best. Idea. Ever.

And then you see Benedict Cumberbatch. And while I've got nothing against Robert Downey, Jr., I think Cumberbatch is a better Sherlock. I think it's because RDJ makes Sherlock Holmes seem cool, but Sherlock Holmes is actually a square. He's an oddball that no one wants to hang out with─except Dr. John Watson.

And although Jude Law has more ovary-bursting good looks, I like Martin Freeman's Watson better. Freeman's Watson is an ordinary every-man, a perfect complement to Cumberbatch's oddball weirdo.

Also, he still kills like a soldier.

And because this series was co-created and co-written by Steven Moffat, I've now one more reason to check out Doctor Who.

Aside from Karen Gillan's legs.

Now before we end, let me just say that it is the first episode that will determine whether you will become a fan or not. And if the bloody brilliance of the character that is Sherlock Holmes doesn't turn you on, then Benedict Cumberbatch should do the trick.

This man spawned the word "Cumberbitch",
referring to all the women whose ovaries exploded.

*This is a single episode of an entire season (which consists only of three episodes), and one episode lasts almost 90 minutes, like a proper film in itself. As such, this will not be reviewed in the micro format, and thus will also get an individual rating.

Sherlock (Episode 1). UK. 2010.

Rating: Nine out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC, Tumblr and cdnds.net


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