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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 1: "The Birthday Party"

How long was it since we last visited our gang in Mystic Falls? Really looooong. But finally, our thirst has been quenched. But I'm not sure if the first episode of Season 3 was great-great. And I'm sure, though (and I'm hope I'm right) that they are setting up the fireworks for the rest of the season. What it does, however, is let us catch up with everybody else two months since.

"The Ripper" Stefan (he has a signature crime scene!) is more brooding than ever.
Hybrid Klaus, sweet pea, the American accent really doesn't suit you.

Eighteen-year-old Elena is trying to live through another loss of a loved one—again.
Dashing Damon just lost his compelled girlfriend courtesy of "Hello Brother".

VampBarb Caroline and WolfDog Tyler are all supernatural horny-ness over each other.

"Sub-parent" Alaric just spent the entire summer on the Gilberts' couch. Stoned Jeremy (again?) confides his ghost problem with Human Matt. And Witch Bonnie is reduced to a video phone call for now. I could state a lot of plot predictions, good and bad, but what's important is The Vampire Diaries is back and I can't wait to see what they will serve us next.

Oh, if ever your guy's mom catches you sneaking out her house after you've just done the dirty with her son, hope and pray that Mommy doesn't have the same reaction as Mrs. Lockwood.

*snapshots from VLC


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