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Sherlock. Episode 2: "The Blind Banker"

More Sherlock. Man, I love this show so much.

This episode shows us more of Sherlock's eccentricities. Sherlock Holmes is not just a genius. He's half-genius and half-madman.

The master at work.

This episode also shows us more of Watson's normal side. He actually goes out on dates. And his date is quite pretty, too.

Gotta love John Watson's expression here.
Sherlock, as always, is a third wheel.

What makes the chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman work so well is the contrast between their characters. The normal-ness of John Watson balances out the pure weirdness of Sherlock Holmes.

And once more, Steven Moffat, you are a damn good writer. For those who don't know, every episode of Sherlock is kind of a hodge-podge of different Sherlock Holmes stories. This episode in particular takes from "The Valley of Fear" and "The Dancing Men". Now you have to admit that Steven Moffat is a master of adaptation. And this makes me excited about the upcoming Tintin flick. Directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Steven Moffat. Perfect.

"Two Stevens?"

Also, this episode introduced me to the beauty that is Gemma Chan. You are so damn cute, Gemma. But you died in this episode, so I guess you won't be coming back.

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Sherlock (Episode 2). UK. 2010.

Rating: Eight point eight out of ten.

*some info from Wikipedia
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