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New Girl. Pilot

If you love Zooey Deschanel, you will definitely love this. I can't quite explain the show's kind of comedy, but it works. Carrying topics on relationships, men-women dynamics, and what-have-you, it definitely guarantees plenty of laughs, "ewws", "awws", and awes for half an hour. Seriously. Just watch it.

Who's this girl? It's Jess.

Jess is a crazy (in a good way) girl who just lost her long-term boyfriend and the apartment she shared with him. She needs a place to stay, so she moves in with three men in their really cool apartment. Oh, and she sings a lot and is friends with models.

Coach, Bartender-Who-Just-Got-Dumped-Too, and Pink-Wearing Womanizer.

Little black dress belongs to the model friend.

For the record, I think the show's greatest contribution to the world so far is...

A dollar for every man's douchbaggery.
That's Php50 for every Pinoy douchebag, and we're off to pay our national debt.

*Screencaps from VLC


Btw, that's Damon Wayans JUNIOR. He looks a lot like his father.

Thank you. Love the Wayans—junior or otherwise. And I like his character. Too bad he wouldn't be able to stay as Coach. :(

Is that KAty Perry in a geek's bod? :)

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