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Suits. Episode 11: "Rules of the Game"

Not one of the better episodes of Suits. This one was a bit... meh.

This episode didn't have one of the stories fleshed out as much as I would've wanted to. See, there's usually two stories for every episode, like one is Harvey's and the other is Mike's. And usually, both stories are fleshed out all right. Not this time, though.

The two stories in this episode are: 1) Harvey's Harvey, or his mentor, the District Attorney of New York;

"I look like an old douche."

and 2) the two sisters battling over their father's will.

Sister 1: "Bitch."
Sister 2: "Bitch."

Now some people might say, "But the second story's not about the sisters, it's about Louis and Harvey and the rules of the game, hence the title." Yeah, that may be true. But the previous episodes were also about Louis and Harvey, and yet the cases were fleshed out just fine.

Anyway, there seems to be a mini-cliffhanger for next week's episode, which also happens to be the season finale. Still, I don't think it's right to compromise a subplot for a cliffhanger. But that's just me.

And on a final note, that other attorney, Alexandra Leeds, is kinda hot.

Though she does look a bit mannish.

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For me, I think it's okay to change a little bit the formula of the episodes from time to time. This episode kinda sets up not just the finale, but the direction where the series wants to go. It's also revelation that Harvey actually cares about doing his job right. "The Rules of The Game" is not just because of Harvey/Mike and Louis' game. I think it alludes to the overall "rules" of being a lawyer—the power they hold and the laws they uphold.

Yes, maybe the two cases were not given equal exposure in the episode, but there are insights gained from both (and by that, I don't just mean case details). Plus, I think it's only natural. If Harvey is on the verge of disbarment, would you really want to know more about the bitch sisters? Hehe.

Okay, good point.

However, I would like to wait for the last episode for the season before I can safely say with conviction that episode 11 is indeed the weakest episode in the entire season in terms of narrative. Hehe.

Yeah, me too. But I think this "could be" a game-changer. I always wondered since Episode 1 if every single case would be about corporate or civl law. I know the series is a "dramedy" and criminal cases can be a bit heavy. I just hope they don't lose the humor. ;P

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