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Game of Thrones Memes

Hooray for Peter Dinklage! Well, that's just one winner for Game of Thrones. Which is okay, though. Because I knew Peter Dinklage would win.

Anyway, it was because of Game of Thrones that I discovered the proper use of the website Tumblr, and along with that, I discovered the internet gem known as the meme. There are thousands of memes on Tumblr that relate to Game of Thrones, and I loved them so much that I thought to myself, "I can make memes that are just as funny as these, if not funnier." See how brash and confident I have become.

Anyway, to celebrate Peter Dinklage's win, here are my original memes for the first season of this wonderful show. They are presented here in the order in which I created them. The caption underneath is the title of the meme. Just because some people view memes as nonsense doesn't mean they can't have titles. Below the title is a short explanation about the meme.

Bran Rage Face
This was my very first meme, Game of Thrones or otherwise. It uses the Rage Face punchline (see last frame). See how many panels it has? Nine. That's too much for a meme. But of course, this is my first, so excuse me for learning from my mistakes.

Mario Forel
This was my second meme. I have decided on a signature font now, and that's Cooper Std Black. It looks cute, plus it's pleasant on the eyes. I got the idea for this meme because I couldn't look at Syrio Forel and his Braavosi accent without thinking of Mario and his Italian accent.

Walder Filch
My next meme played on the surprise I got when I saw Argus Filch as the lord of the Twins crossing. This was, of course, published way before The Deathly Hallows Part 2. If I posted this after Hallows Part 2, the effect probably wouldn't have been the same. Also, the commenters on Tumblr have graciously informed me that Michelle Fairley actually played Mrs. Granger, Hermione's mother, in Hallows Part 1. I actually didn't know that. And I also noticed that the punchline becomes no less funny despite not knowing about Mrs. Granger.

Create Your Own Daenerys Dragon Meme
This is the Daenerys Dragon Meme, from the very last scene of the very last episode. I made five different memes. I also made a create-your-own template, just so people could try their hand at it. And as of this writing, it still has only five downloads.

Khal Drogba
Whenever I see the name "Drogo", I only think of two three things: 1) Khal Drogo (looking like Jason Momoa); 2) Drogo Baggins, father of Frodo Baggins; and 3) Didier Drogba. Only because Drogo sounds like Drogba. Also, Drogba's head on Drogo's body was a perfect fit, although I had to search really hard for which photos to use.

Black of Hair series
This one plays around with the "black of hair" punchline from when Ned Stark begins realizing the importance of the thick book Jon Arryn was reading before he died. I didn't put my signature on it, because I thought people might find it corny. Then someone on Tumblr posted that third one with Renly Baratheon, without citing the original source, which was moi. I called him out for being a plagiarist.

Selmy Your Sword
This is one really stupid, lame pun. However, some people find it funny. So what the heck.

Pledge of the Night's Watch
This one is not supposed to be funny at all. It's supposed to look like a greeting card or something, you know, with the quotes and all. Couldn't find a better picture of the Night's Watch, so I had to settle for Jeor Mormont's mug.

By the way, these can be found on my Tumblr and on my DeviantArt. Which means they are under a Creative Commons license. Always remember kids, cite your sources, and plagiarism is totally not cool.


Kendra said...

Hilarious! Just loved it! :)

Kendra said...

Hilarious! Just loved it! :)

Thank you, Kendra! A month more to go for Season 2!

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