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Star Power (Mayweather VS Ortiz)

Josesito Lopez VS Jesse Vargas
Lopez comes into this fight with more experience. But after the first round, he's the one who's bloodied with a cut lip. The battering basically continued until the third round, when Vargas suddenly ate some Lopez knuckles. The round ended with Lopez bangin' away. Vargas' knees even buckled!

Vargas' knee

In rounds 4 and 5, Lopez was the more aggressive one. But Vargas was the one who was landing the cleaner shots. Despite these clean landings, Vargas was rocked a li'l bit once again.

In the eighth round, Lopez received a low blow by Vargas. Lopez almost automatically had this round 10-8. After that losing round, Vargas seemed to have found another gear, albeit with rubbery legs.

Now in the tenth and final round, Vargas almost went out, but it wasn't enough for Lopez. Vargas wins via split decision!

Adonis Stevenson VS Dion Savage
This was one for the super-middleweights. Heavy punchers, I should say. In the opening round, Adonis "Superman" Stevenson from Quebec, Canada showed everyone why he's Superman. He had Savage kissin' the canvas. Referee Tony Weeks gave him another chance to fight, but he blew it. Savage wasn't returning any shots so Weeks said that enough was enough. Stevenson wins via TKO.

I don't know why there's so many of 'em black Supermans!

Pablo Cesar Cano VS Erik "El Terrible" Morales
I really don't know anything about Cano. Except that he looks like one young tyke. He basically just outboxes Erik in the opening round.

Now in the following round, Cano had the edge  in punches landed, cutting off Morales' angles. Though El Terrible showed how wily he was, by doin' the basic 1-2's. which more or less connected. This kind of boxing continued 'till the third, where I think Morales stole because he was kinda' bullying Cano, showing the young pup his place.

At this point, I grew hungry, so I decided to grab a Quarter Pounder and fries. When I came back in the tenth, Cano was a bloody mess! Seemed like Morales used his experience to rack up some points. Erik Morales wins via ref stoppage to get the WBC Lightweight Championship of the World.

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez VS Alfonso Gomez
This Super Welterweight bout was live from Staples Center. Which was kinda' weird because Star Power is actually in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. But anyway, on with the program.

The first round was kinda' interesting. As Gomez was duckin' in, he ate a left hook from Alvarez, which floored him. The second round was a li'l different for Gomez was sending some body-head-body shots to Canelo. The roud ended with chants of  "Canelo" echoin' all throughout Staples Center.

I still don't really know WTF Canelo means, and I'm too lazy to Google it.

In the third, Gomez had an elbow in, and therefore was booed. After that round, Gomez had a slip. Then a barrage from Gomez commenced, with Alvarez cleverly doin' a shoulder roll to avoid damage, and at the same time deliverin' counters of his own. A counter-upper actually rocked Gomez.

Same thing happened in the fifth, with Gomez bringin' on the pressure. But Canelo just seemed to relax and back down. I should say the kid's pretty good!

I initially thought that the ref prematurely stopped the fight in the sixth. But if you're the ref, the thirteenth unanswered punch could be bad news for the boxer who's getting beaten to a pulp. Alvarez wins via TKO.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather VS "Vicious" Victor Ortiz
This is just like a typical Money fight, with lots of pugilists and celebs in attendance like Paulie Malignaggi, Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Winky Wright, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent (who was actually part of Floyd's entourage when he entered the ring), Magic Johnson, Denzel Washington, Mike Tyson, Oscar Dela Hoya,
P Diddy, Mark Wahlberg, etc. I also was confused because Floyd was comin' in as the challenger, and yet he owned the red corner and came in last. You could plainly see the dirty world of boxing politics comin' into play there.

Of course, the opening round belonged to Money. But Ortiz somehow managed to sneak in two heavy ones. Looked like FLoyd didn't like gettin' hit. Same story in the next round, with Money shaken up again. Though Money's just too fuckin' fast. He even threw some strange straight rights, where he was stomping his feet after the punch. It wasn't weird for me. It was just genius how he does it.

In the third, the speed difference really showed. Ortiz can't catch the Road Runner in Mayweather. He really makes stickin' and movin' beautiful to watch.

Now the fourth round was where the interesting stuff happened. Ortiz stupidly gave Floyd a head butt while he had him cornered. Tough luck for Ortiz, since he had a point taken against him. It was now almost impossible to catch up on points so a KO in the usual Ortiz fashion was Ortiz's ticket to victory. After the also-stupid ref named Joe Cortez separated the two, the fighters once again shook hands, with stupid Joe looking at the judges table. It was here that Money gave a sucker punch in the form of a mini left hook. This dazed Ortiz just a li'l bit so he looked to Joe to complain. This was another stupidity in Ortiz's part because he wasn't protecting himself so it gave Money an opportunity to sneak in a straight right while Ortiz wasn't lookin'.

Now you can call Floyd a cheater because in reality, he could have just waited for things to settle down, and he would still win the fight. Victor couldn't catch up with him anyway. And he also wasted my money because I was expecting a full 12 rounds! Or at least a sixth or seventh round, for Ortiz is notorious for gassin' out in the sixth. A big boo for Floyd. Can't wait for Pacman to beat him. Though I would still imagine that this would be a tall order for Manny, for how would he catch Mayweather? That is the question. Floyd's fuckin' bionic!

*images from outfitterssupply.com, http://weedoom.comhttp://andthatswhyyouresingle.comhttp://getsports24.com


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