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The Secret Circle. Pilot

Well, well, what do you know. It s another TV series adapted from a book of the same title by L.J. Smith. The same author of, you're right, The Vampire Diaries.

I know. How many times have we seen this plot: New girl moves into town. Kids her age flock to her like she's an outcast or a magnet for trouble. New girl realizes or finds out she's a witch and so are the kids she has met so far. Plus, new girl is the missing link to complete the circle and make all of them more powerful. And of course, the circle has to remain secret; also because they're in high school, too.

The Craft meets The Covenant. How many really completes a cirlce, four, five, or six?

The only reason I downloaded this is because of witchcraft and Lux (Brittany Robinson) from Life Unexpected. Plus, a bangs-less John Connor (Thomas Dekker) of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles who I didn't even know was part of the show. Nice hair for Britt, but she kind of reminds me of a young Michelle Williams here. Dekker needs to loosen his mane. He's cuter when he has some on his slightly large forehead (and ditch the eyeliner if you're wearing some). It's the show's first episode so there's room for improving the overall fashion sense of these kids. Not that it's bad; it just can be better.

That's not Edward Cullen and Bella Swan; the hair colors swtiched.

Of course, it's made with a teen audience in mind, so you have your resident bad girl, her confused sidekick, the mysterious/bad boy-next-door neighbor and also your love triangles (guy above-left about to kiss blonde girl is with girl below-left for three years already) and catty face-offs. Its creep-o-meter shoots up when you learn that some (if not all) of their parents know what they're up to and are up to something themselves. And if this show is about witchcraft, please keep in mind: the rhyming works but let's hear some chants; none of those random wishes or "signs".

Let's see how these girls get down and dirty, shall we?

For now, I'll take another shot at it and watch the next episode. But if you never hear me go 'round this circle again, then you know my verdict.

*screenshots from VLC


Brilliant review. I love it.

Thank you. You love it because you feel the same way about the pilot, right? I hope it becomes good, as in you're-hooked-good. Hehe.

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