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The Secret Circle. Episode 2: "Bound"

Still no chants but a call-out to the elements, at least.

Come on. There should be a better way to do the recap of the previous episode. Please!

Judging by the episode title, yes, the circle has been bound, of course, since there are more sinister plots to discover and more witch stuff to explore. The mention of "The Elders" brings back the Charmed days. In general, acting is a bit flat. That needs to improve as well, aside from the wardrobe. And do not talk about Harry Potter like that. Three words for this episode (aside from the title which pretty much says it all): Crystal, Death, and Boobs/Cleavage Parade.

And by the way, very effective creepy-but-cute theme: Tara-rara-ra, tara-rara-ra, tara-rara-rara...

*Screencap from VLC.


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