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Source Code

For this review of Source Code, I will attempt to explain it.

What is the Source Code? 
It's a computer program.

What does it do? 
It can insert a consciousness into the last eight minutes of another person's life.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal the consciousness that was inserted into the last eight minutes of another person?
You bet he is.

What kind of facial expression is that supposed to be?

What was the Source Code invented for?
I'm not sure, but I think it's to be able to prevent terrorist attacks.

So the Source Code can only relive a reality, and not change it?
That's what everyone thought at first.

If Jake Gyllenhaal's character can only relive the same eight minutes over and over again, why did the last reality continue on beyond eight minutes?
Because it ended differently. It should only last for eight minutes because the train blows up after eight minutes and everybody dies. But in the last reality, everybody lived. So their lives went on. This changed ending created a separate alternate reality where there was no train crash.

So how was Gyllenhaal able to send an e-mail to Vera Farmiga? 
Because like I said, Gyllenhaal created a new reality, and he wanted to tell Farmiga that the Source Code works even better than they thought. Screw it, here's Gyllenhaal's entire e-mail:
Lily awoke in an evening dress and an opera cloak. In her hand were 5 playing cards. At some point today, you're gonna hear about a failed terrorist attack on a commuter train near Chicago. You and I kept that bomb from going off. If you're reading this e-mail, then Source Code works even better than you and Dr. Rutledge imagined. You thought you were creating 8 minutes of a past event, but you're not. You've created a whole new world. Goodwin, if I'm right, somewhere at the Source Code facility, you have a Capt. Colter Stevens waiting to send on a mission. Promise me you'll help him. And when you do, do me a favor: tell him everything is gonna be okay.

Was Dr. Rutledge played by the actor who played Jean Michel Basquiat?
Yes, that's Jeffrey Wright from Basquiat. I love that film. Especially David Bowie playing Andy Warhol.


Do you think Michelle Monaghan is cute?
She's not really my type.

Do you think Vera Farmiga is hot? 
Oh yes.


Source Code. USA/France. 2011.

Rating: Seven out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
pics from Desk of Brian, Shagdora, and The Guardian


It was good until the movie continued running after pressing the red button. All I can say is: There are a lot of other ways to shock an audience or pull off a twist aside from breaking the whole premise of the movie plot. Yun lang po. Bow. ;P

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