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Cars 2. 3D

A lot of people don't like Cars 2. In the Rotten Tomatoes website, it's the Pixar film with the lowest rating. And I really don't understand the reason why, when it had:

1. Fast cars.
Three races. Japan, Italy, and England. That in itself is worth watching. Remember the first film of the Star Wars prequels, The Phantom Menace? The podrace sequence was the only scene worth watching.

'Cept for this face.

2. Three countries, three race tracks.
It's great to see Japan, Italy, and England, through the eyes of motorized vehicles. Japan is particularly colorful. Especially their toilets.


3. British spies.
And one voiced by Michael Caine. Named Finn McMissile. Not too James Bond-y, but a good name, nevertheless. And also, the hot female spy. I am ashamed to admit that I have a crush on a car. What?

Yup, that's her.

4. Great action sequences.
And I'm not talking about the race scenes. I'm talking about the spy action sequences. From the opening sequence itslef at the oil platforms, you know this'll be a super spy movie.

Just one of many action sequences.

5. Other vehicles aside from cars.
Now they have ships. Yes, that's "ships" as in "naval vessels". And also, jets. As in high-flying, supersonic, spy jets.

Ain't that the cutest little tugboat you've ever seen?
Ain't that the cutest little airplane you've ever seen?
Ain't that the cutest little choo-choo train you've ever seen?
Wait, that's a bullet train.

6. Feel-good themes.
... of friendship, particularly between McQueen and Mater (just realized that "Tow Mater" is a play on "tomato").

BFFs forever.

Now I think what Pixar fans are looking for is that heart-melting moment characteristic of previous Pixar films. Like Up, where you had something like, "Aaaww, look at that rotten old man with that cute kid." Or like Toy Story 3, where as I remember, I cried like a little kid. Nope, this movie doesn't have heart-melting moments on that level. But so did Toy Story 2. And A Bug's Life. And The Incredibles, which had just as many action sequences as Cars 2. But no one complained, right? So don't take it against Pixar for failing to tug at your heartstrings. Pixar is under no obligation to remain a cheesy feel-good animation company forever. In fact, they could very well choose to go another direction, and make more adult-oriented action films. That should silence all those cheesy critics who don't want Pixar to grow up.

Cars 2. USA. 2011.

Rating: Seven out of ten.

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What, no more 3D part of the review? Hehe.

Pixar is more effective when it "tugs the heartstrings". Cars 2 feels like a money-making sequel, but fun to watch nonetheless.

Yeah, dang right! Let the critics suck it!

@Sue Denim: No more 3D reviews. I have said everything I have to say on the subject. Hehe.

@The Negation: Critics can fuck it.

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