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Review: Pacific Rim IMAX 3D

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This was supposed to be a microreview (100 words), but sadly the word “micro” does not exist in the Pacific Rim universe.

If you plan to download a camcorded copy and just watch it on your mobile, don’t. Just... don’t. This film is big, and should be viewed big. Also, camcording is illegal.

Just ask these guys.

The best way to enjoy this film is in IMAX 3D. Because only IMAX can give you things such as:

1. The film’s sense of scale
This is especially true in the Shatterdome, where close-ups of Jaeger parts occupy the entire screen. When the camera slowly tilts up to reveal Cherno Alpha, the audience is forced to tilt their heads up with it, because IMAX screens are just too big for one's field of vision.

This LITERALLY fills the entire screen...

...while looking down on you insignificant civilians.

2. Details on the Jaeger’s exteriors
Not just the visual details like dents, paint peels, fading decals, scratches, and semen stains (I think), but also the spatial details, such as how water runs down the side of the Jaeger’s armor like raindrops on your car windshield, and how the Jaeger’s massive frame displaces huge volumes of rainwater as it moves through the streets of Hong Kong.

I almost forgot Gipsy Danger was originally blue.

3. The Kaiju dermatology
I don’t just mean the bioluminescent markings on their skin, but also the details such as scales, skin folds, and the slimy layer of mucus that give the Kaiju their semi-glossy sheen.

Ten times more horrifying on IMAX.

If you won’t be able to catch this on IMAX, you can always wait for the sequel. Thanks, Messrs. Beacham and Del Toro!

"No, we're not bringing Michael Bay on board for this."

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