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Microreview: The Newsroom. Season 2, Episode 2: "The Genoa Tip"

The Newsroom treats us to flashbacks of ANC history, where we learn that Will McAvoy found himself in the anchor’s chair by accident – on 9-11.

So you're saying Charlie Skinner didn't wear bowties in 2001?

We also see Will McAvoy’s lawyering skills in action as he gets Neil’s arrest voided. He did fly off the handle a bit, and he wore jeans instead of a suit, but can you please write some more of this stuff, Mr. Sorkin?

"You got any confiscated pot I can buy from you?"

I’m putting a wager on Jim Harper’s sex life. I predict he gets to bang that reporter chick by the sixth episode. Or in sports terms, I would say “Harper in 6”.

Cut the flirting and kiss already!

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