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Review: Ramin Djawadi. Pacific Rim Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. (Yes, I Still Have a Hangover)

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The title track "Pacific Rim", from the original soundtrack of the movie of the same title, is a great example of a part representing a whole (or to literary hipsters, "synecdoche"). An analysis of its elements will give you everything about the movie in just under five minutes of music. These elements are:

"When HBO turned me down for the role of Robert Baratheon, I decided to steal Mr. Djawadi here." ─Guillermo Del Toro

Composer Ramin Djawadi used brass on this track, and based on its low register, it's probably a trombone. The brilliant brass sound represents the Jaeger's gigantic steel armor, like how a ship's horn brings to mind titanic freighters.

Actually sounds like a foghorn.

The low registers of the string section are probably double basses or cellos, which represents the size of the Jaegers. The bigger the string ensemble, the bigger the overall feel.

Look how big that guy is.

You can hear two types of drumming here: First, the heavy, pounding orchestral bass drum, which sounds like the pounding war drum of an ancient army. This transforms the Jaeger into a weapon of war – a weapon not against humans, but against monsters.

That drum can also be considered a weapon when smashed over your head.

You can also hear standard drums, to give the music some rock-n-roll feel, which is a necessary accompaniment to...

Who in this case is synonymous with "electric guitar". Morello's six-string antics are very effective at conveying images of technology and machinery. He plays scratches on a guitar like a DJ on a turntable. He was possibly Ramin Djawadi's first and only choice.

"Morello's presence equals album sales, bitches."

The whole album, of course, is worth listening to. But I'd really want to watch the movie again.

We now leave you with a pic of Ramin Djawadi.
You're welcome, ladies.

Pacific Rim Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. USA. 2013.

Original rating: 6.8 / 10
Tom Morello: + 0.1
Awesomeness of the title track: + 0.1
Crazy titles on some of the tracks: - 0.1
Final rating: 6.9 / 10

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