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Microreview: "Blurred Lines" Music Video

Star Trak/Interscope

There are few songs which I consider genuine earworm. "Blurred Lines" is one. I tend to listen to earworms over and over, for days─even weeks─on end.

I believe that if the Unrated video wasn't taken down by YouTube (due to nudity), this might've surpassed "Gangnam Style" as the most viewed video ever.

Anyway, SPIN already did a post way back in March about the 15 Most Hilarious Parts of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" Video. We're doing something similar. Here are my five favorite parts, in ascending order.

5. The #THICKE hashtag

Star Trak/Interscope
Just the right amount of distracting.

4. Breasts

Star Trak/Interscope
No straight guy would ever say no to this.

3. Emily Ratajkowski's face

Star Trak/Interscope
Looks like a cross between a prettier Anne Hathaway and Gabrielle Anwar.

Star Trak/Interscope
And she still looks cute while doing ugly faces.

2. Pharrell's Facial Expressions

Star Trak/Interscope
Hahaha. Look at that face. Hilarious.

Star Trak/Interscope
Here's something a bit more... normal.


1. T.I.'s Dancing

Star Trak/Interscope
Because still photos do not do this justice.

Star Trak/Interscope
I wish director Diane Martel would release the full raw footage of T.I. dancing.

Star Trak/Interscope
T.I. practically stole the show.

Star Trak/Interscope
There should be some kind of award for this.

Star Trek/Interscope
LOL. T.I. just doesn't give a fuck shit.

Star Trak/Interscope
And my favourite dance move is actually his first appearance in the video.

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