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Review: RED 2

This sequel couldn't get any better! Magnificent plot! Though the action looks kinda' cliche. But still, better than action porn or any type of porn!

I tend to disagree.

The first part of this franchise should've put an end to these retired CIA operatives' careers. But here in this installment, we see Marvin (my favourite character, played by John Malkovich) hounding Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) in a Costco store to get back in action because apparently, someone's after them. But of course Frank objects, because he's cozily settled in with his girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), who contrastingly wants to get in on the adventure of a lifetime.

Frank still objects, so Marvin rides off, then suddenly dies (his car gets blown up)! That's when the adventure starts. Frank then gets abducted by Neal McDonough (Jack Horton), who's with the government, and accuses Frank and his former ragtag bunch, implicating them in a nuclear project-gone-haywire called NIGHTSHADE (sounds shady, if you ask me).

I'd much rather get arrested by Buck Compton.

As we all know, RED stands for "Retired and Extremely Dangerous". So Frank easily slips by Neal's hitmen, but with the timely help of Marvin, who's still alive all along.

Not only is he comic relief, but I actually feel relieved when he's around, because he's just so damn good at what he does.

That's when the antagonists hire Stormshadow a.k.a. "Han Cho Bai" (Byung-hun Lee), the best assassin in the world, to take care of Frank and Co. Though he had trouble dealing with that, because they're fuckin' CIA! And all because of former KGB operative Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who's actually their ally. Plus Victoria (Helen Mirren), who's all class and guns.

Pictured: Class and guns.

With crazy scientist Bailey (Anthony Hopkins)'s help, they end up getting to the bottom of the Nightshade fiasco, and everything turns out great after a fireworks display of a nuclear explosion in the sky.

With Bailey triggering─and exploding with─it.

This movie deserves a 7.5/10.

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