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Review: Possible Academy Award Nominations for Rush


As a relatively new Formula 1 fan (thanks to the documentary Senna, and of course to Sue Denim), 2013 is my first real season. My only regret is that I didn't become a petrolhead earlier.

When crashes and deaths were part of an ordinary day in the office.

Rush may not score big in box office returns, but will very likely be nominated for more than one Academy Award. And these nominations are:

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Daniel Brühl as Niki Lauda

"Yes, I look a bit like a young Christopher Reeve. So what?"

Apparently, the real Niki Lauda loved Daniel Brühl's performance so much, even praising the effort Brühl took to perfect the Austrian accent. To have the person you're playing compliment your performance─that's the highest compliment an actor can ever receive.

Best Cinematography
Anthony Dod Mantle

Beautiful. Just... beautiful.

The best trick that the Director of Photography pulled here was making digitally-shot footage look like film. The grainy images and rainbow lens flares actually add a lot to the visual texture, and we can thank Dod Mantle's use of camera lenses made in the 1960s.

Best Original Screenplay
Peter Morgan

Because real life is better than fiction.

This is the first time I've appreciated the work of screenwriter Peter Morgan, whose previous works include Frost/Nixon and The Last King of Scotland. Character development here is superb, the Lauda-Hunt tension very authentic, and the rivalry, albeit a bit exaggerated, was captured spot-on that even the real Formula 1 community loved it.

Hopefully, existing petrolheads will be proud of Rush. Conversely, we also hope non-F1 fans will realise what they're missing by not following the fastest motor race in the world.

Rush. USA/Germany/UK. 2013.

Original rating: 8.2 / 10
Cinematography: + 0.05
Character development: + 0.05
Ron Howard's directing: + 0.05
Olivia Wilde: + 0.025
Chris Hemsworth's alpha male-ness: + 0.025
Final rating: 8.40 / 10

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Special thanks to me alone, coz I was the one who made you watch _Senna_, too. Hahaha!

No thanks to your failed italics, though. Hehe.

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