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Microreview: The Newsroom. Season 2, Episode 2: "The Genoa Tip"

The Newsroom treats us to flashbacks of ANC history, where we learn that Will McAvoy found himself in the anchor’s chair by accident – on 9-11.

So you're saying Charlie Skinner didn't wear bowties in 2001?


The Newsroom Season 2 Pilot: "First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers"

"I sincerely hope this isn't boring."
After a fictional show about a fictional newsroom of a fictional network broadcasting non-fiction news proved successful, writer extraordinaire Aaron Sorkin returns with the second season of The Newsroom. And he brings some new stuff with him, such as


Review: Pacific Rim IMAX 3D

YouTube via DCT

This was supposed to be a microreview (100 words), but sadly the word “micro” does not exist in the Pacific Rim universe.

If you plan to download a camcorded copy and just watch it on your mobile, don’t. Just... don’t. This film is big, and should be viewed big. Also, camcording is illegal.

Just ask these guys.


Review: Boses, or Violins and Violence (Yes, That Was Forced)


Boses, a film by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, is a 2008 Cinemalaya entry making its commercial debut this year in SM's digital cinemas. It toured international indie circuits before "coming home", so to speak. It's a great indie for several reasons, but I shall give you three.

Not these three.


Review: Pacific Rim


Despite Pacific Rim not being shot in IMAX or 3D, my biggest regret is not watching this in IMAX 3D.

"Why didn't you?"


Television Icons: Cory Monteith

Possibly a selfie, based on the angle of his left arm.

Older folks probably won't know who Cory Monteith is. The younger ones will surely remember him as the ridiculously tall guy who played the ridiculously tall Finn Hudson from Glee.


Hollywood Icons: James Gandolfini

Tony Soprano, during the days when he had no criminal record.

Most people will remember Jim Gandolfini for only one role: as mobster Tony Soprano in HBO's series The Sopranos. But even that single iconic role has had a big influence on me. I've referenced him in both spoken word and written poems. I've designed my family name to resemble The Sopranos logo.


Music Icons: Ray Manzarek

Brooklyn Vegan

The name "The Doors" has strangely become synonymous with Jim Morrison, or Homer Simpson's favorite Door, Val Kilmer. The Doors were known for their psychedelic sound, which captured the spirit of the late 60s like auditory hallucinogenic substances.


Film Icons: Bella Flores

She reminds me of one of my professors in law school.


Music Icons: Mac Daddy (Kris Kross)

Okay Player


Hollywood Icons: Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert in better days.

I remember the very first time I encountered the name Roger Ebert. I was in grade school then, and I discovered a magazine about Jim Henson's muppets, cleverly titled Muppet Magazine (if I'm not mistaken, the one with Kirk Cameron on the cover).


Review: Despicable Me 2 3D


Illumination Entertainment has fallen into the Hollywood money-making mentality called "the sequel trap". With only four releases under Illumination's belt, it's sad that they already had to resort to sequels.

They also had to resort to seeing through women's clothing.


Review: In Defense of M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth


It seems as if After Earth was doomed from the start by viewer bias. We'd all rather just ride the Shyamalan haters's bandwagon, loudly exclaiming our displeasure and disapproval any chance we get. But someone has to stand up and defend the innocent, just like Jesus Christ stood up to Mary Magdalene's would-be stoners.

"Let he who has an Oscar acting nomination cast the first stone."


Review: Three Dangerous Life Lessons Monsters University Teaches Kids

DisneyPixar on YouTube

Monsters University is an excellent example of a good prequel or sequel. First, it doesn't appear forced (at least on the surface), and by "forced" I mean "made for the sake of box office returns". Second, it's a stand-alone film, which is what good sequels or prequels should be. It's possible to enjoy this film without having seen Monsters, Inc., and it gives a whole new level of meaning to those who have actually seen it.

I wish I watched Monsters, Inc. again before watching this.


Short Film Review: Pixar's The Blue Umbrella

Screen Slam

Not one of Pixar's better shorts, although we will be forever grateful to Pixar for the tradition. Like the previous shorts, there are no words – just a musical score and the occassional sound effects. But the best part is still the animation, which Pixar does better than anybody else in the industry.

Looks like Japanese umbrellas.


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