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Review: Captain America: Civil War, or 5 Good Things In This Marvel Ensemble Movie

Another big-budget bonanza.

Captain America: Civil War feels like an Avengers movie marketed as a Captain America flick, probably because it’s too soon to have another one after Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Although there are twelve superheroes in this flick which, even discounting Bucky the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), is more than the number of heroes in Age of Ultron, somehow it doesn’t feel too crowded. I’d say the reason for this is because this film focuses on the relationship between the two poster boys Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.). This gives the filmmakers enough room to flesh out the relationship between them, relegating the rest to supporting roles, which helped focus the storytelling.

Anyway, I’d hold back on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comparisons, first because that film wasn’t a proper ensemble movie, and second because Civil War pulled off the “friendship over” theme better by setting up the conflict more effectively.

Team Cap posing for a photo.

Now whether you liked the film because of its adrenaline-pumping action sequences, or because of its mature themes of friendship and betrayal, here are five more reasons to go see it.

5. The Black Panther
Although not that well-known compared to the other heroes in this flick, T’Challa a.k.a. Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) gets enough screen time and action sequences to summon a following strong enough to translate into box office ticket sales. That is when he gets his own stand-alone movie in a couple of years.

4. A huge Ant-Man
If you’ve never heard of Ant-Man before Paul Rudd, that’s okay, despite him being one of the founding members of the Avengers in the comic books. So I guess it also follows that you know nothing about how Ant-Man’s powers work, which would make giant Ant-Man a welcome treat.

3. A young Robert Downey, Jr.
I don’t know why I’m the only one raving about this reverse-aging technology, but I’ve been excited about it since The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What are some of the repercussions of being able to physically make an actor look younger? Well, a Han Solo spin-off movie, for starters. With Harrison Ford still playing himself. I know, right?

2. A young Peter Parker
Now this… this is Spider-Man. I’ve been a fan of the web-slinger from the comics, and I can tell you that this iteration of Peter Parker is the one that comes closest to the comic books. It’s actually because the original Peter Parker was a teenager when he donned the Spidey outfit, which is why Tom Holland is now my favourite onscreen Spider-Man.

1. A hot Aunt May
Two words: Marisa Tomei. ‘Nuff said.

Wipe that drool off your chin, boy.

Captain America: Civil War. USA. 2016.

Original rating: 8.5 / 10
Unrecognisable Daniel Brühl: + 0.1
No Scarlett Johansson nudity: - 0.05
No Elizabeth Olsen nudity: - 0.05
Too much Jeremy Renner: - 0.05
Stressed out Don Cheadle: - 0.05
Not enough Falcon: - 0.05
Final rating: 8.35 / 10


Episode Recap: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1: "The Red Woman"

He still knows nothing.

Those wondering whether or not Jon Snow lives have their answer in this episode's opening scene. It appears that Kit Harrington was part of Season 6's filming because he plays a cadaver. But we're all secretly wishing there's more to it than just that.

So for those who actually feel sorry for Theon Greyjoy and his mutilation at the hands of the Boltons, rejoice. Brienne and Podrick Payne have come to the rescue. Pod, as always, is the best squire ever.

Meanwhile, in King's Landing, the Kingslayer has landed — without his daughter from Dorne. There seems to be a lot of deaths in Dorne in this episode. Those Dornish women can never be trusted.

Insert backstabbing jokes here.

There also isn't enough Tyrion Lannister wit here to satisfy the Peter Dinklage fans. And there aren't enough dragons for the Daenerys fans. When will we get to see more dragons? And when will we get to see Arya Stark kick ass? She's not going to be blind forever, right? She still has some face-changing, right?

And finally, to every guy who jacked off to that fake redhead Melisandre, Messrs. Benioff and Weiss leave you with a sight you'd find really hard to unsee. You're welcome.

Cannot... unsee...


Review: The Jungle Book IMAX 3D, or 5 Reasons to Watch The Jungle Book On the Big Screen

You can almost see Bill Murray in that bear's face.

As I've said countless times before, reboots and remakes are the bane of Hollywood. And Disney seems to be on the warpath, hell-bent on remaking all their classic animated flicks into live-action adaptations for a younger audience.

True, they've done well with Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty. But how will they fare with a story involving talking animals and a single lone human character? Pretty well, it seems, according to box office returns. And here are five reasons you shouldn't miss The Jungle Book.

5. The closing credits
The animation in the closing credits is a joy to behold, first because of the lovely animation (a small-scale version of how awesome the animation in this entire movie is), and second because of its surrealism. A miniature gigantopithecus and humongous mice? And artwork from the original Rudyard Kipling novel? More, please.


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