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Da Couch Tomato on Jam 88.3

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 9th of February 2009, Da Couch Tomato will be on the radio. That's right. Comin' at ya live.

I used to read some poetry on Jam 88.3, but that was on Bigkas Pilipinas, which is a spoken word poetry show. Tomorrow is a totally different show, Flick of the Week, from 1-3 in the afternoon. We will be discussing the upcoming Oscars. As if we're experts on this.

Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow, and find out why Slumdog is the underdog, why Mr. and Mrs. Pitt cannot both go home with an award, and why Danny Boyle might just win for Best Director.


(1) slumdog millionaire will definitely upset benjamin button in many of the categories

(2) im betting heath ledger will win the award for supporting role, its dramatic and monumental, perfect for the academy

(3) sean penn will definitely upset brad pitt. brad pitt is too much of a pretty boy for an oscar. remember leonardo dicaprio's oscar? (he doesn't have one haha)

(4)either kate winslet or meryl streep. anyone's game.

(5)im rooting for danny boyle as well but it's a tight competition.

(6) i just made a blog entry in your comments box hahaha.

i was just about to tell you to write something like this...

we don't have to agree right?
Because I already disagree with what you've written here... haha

tina said...

seriously. you two on the radio. this i wanna hear. :D greet me! :)) joke.

Unknown said...

that is HUGE!! congrats. chookas for the show - hope it goes brilliantly.

thank you Ria, tina, and The Captain. we'll give a shout-out. :-)

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