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Transporter 3

Even your popcorn will go to waste watching this.

We all know the premise of the Transporter series. Diver takes the package from point A to point B and fights a few bad guys on the way. Simple? Maybe. But it's so simple it's terrible.

Okay, so here are the good points: 1) Jason Statham was born to play the role; 2) the legendary Luc Besson co-wrote and co-produced the film; 3) there is an action sequence with Statham riding a regular bicycle; 4) Statham's abs caused males everywhere to start doing sit-ups; and 5) the very entertaining Robert Knepper played the villain perfectly.

And now the bad points. First, the editing was terrible. Yes, fast-paced action requires fast-paced editing, but this is too much. The editors Camille Delamarre and Carla Rizzo did a really sloppy job, even including shots less than a second long in the action sequences, too quick for the eyes to digest. Beautifully-choreographed fight sequences should have as few cuts as possible, to allow the viewer more time to soak in the beauty of the action. Here, it seemed like the filmmakers wanted to include as many of their shots as possible, just to show the viewers that they shot the sequence in so many angles. That's a bad call for director Olivier Megaton as well.

Second: mediocre/bad acting, from everyone except maybe Robert Knepper. Not even Natalya Rudakova's pretty face was able to mask her sub-par performance.

And lastly, this film didn't show us anything new at all. Yes, so the car chases were great. But I've seen better.

Rating: Four out of ten.


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