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Despicable Me. 3D


FROM: Ze Big Bosses
TO: All cast and crew, Despicable Me
RE: Kudos

Kudos to everyone who worked hard on Despicable Me, making Illumination Entertainment's first film a huge success. I don't really like using the word "kudos". I only like using Latin-descended words. Anyway, Despicable Me's success is sure to show Pixar and DreamWorks that they don't have the monopoly over great computer-animated films.

To the voice actors (Steve Carrell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, and Julie Andrews), GREAT JOB! (See, "great job" sounds way better than "kudos".) I told you guys before that voice actors should be paid for their talent, not their voice. I am personally sick and tired of Hollywood's "Name That Voice" approach to voice acting, which doesn't pose any challenge whatsoever. I mean, I can name that voice in one word. With my eyes closed. Come on. I hope our new approach, which I like to call "The Mel Blanc Tradition", catches on.

And to the animation department, great job on the 3D! This is way more eye-popping-in-your-face 3D than How to Train Your Dragon. Again, that'll show DreamWorks and Pixar. I especially love the end credits sequence. It's so real! (You have to say that the same way as "It's so fluffy!")

To the sound department, good call on using Pharrell (is that a double-R and double-L?). "Despicable Me" is like the best theme song to a computer-animated film ever. Here's to an Oscar for Best Original Song! Or a nomination at least. 

And finally, let me just say that I was teary-eyed by the movie's end. The daughters are soooo cute! They're so fluffy!

Again, great job, all of you. Just give yourselves a pat on the back. Don't expect any bonuses just now, as we are a new company, and we will not see tremendous returns until after our fourth fiscal year.

1Not a real memo.

*some info from IMDb
pic from swaleff.wordpress.com

Despicable Me. USA. 2010.

Rating: Eight out of ten.
3D-ness: Nine out of ten.


_yle said...

Since you said its 3D is better than How To Train Your Dragon (which I loooved), I am so watching it. :)

Hooray for the best roller coaster "dive" in a movie! I have more love for 3D now.

This is the first time I liked Steve Carrell, and he doesn't even sound like himself.

iLike (the movie). iAgree (with the review). iLove (those little yellow minions or capsules, whatever they are). :D

Claire said...

Nagtatalo kami ni Camsy last week. Haha. Sabi ko kasi it's almost Pixar tapos sabi niya grrr, it's nothing like Pixar at all.


Anyway, 8/10 din para sa'kin yung film pero naniniwala pa rin ako na everybody's trying to be Pixar (like How to Train Your Dragon), especially story-wise. Family values, adorable kid, adorable inhuman "objects"= formula for a warm fuzzy feel-good flick. I attribute the dance number ending (and some of the non-fluffy humor) sa makers nito na gumawa rin daw ng ice age, shrek, at horton hears a who (?), mostly dreamworks film if I'm correct?

I agree with your review pero I think Pixar still has the monopoly sa magandang animated film. Pero kailangan na nilang i-up yung game nila kasi malapit ng humabol yung iba. :D

@_yle: Watch it! It's the 3D-est animated movie EVER.

And follow me on Tumblr. stinglacson. Haha.

@Sue Denim: iLove 3D. It's so fluffy!

@Claire: When you say, "It's almost Pixar", does that mean it's good, or it's not? Hehe. It's so fluffy!

Everybody's trying to be Pixar and beat Pixar at their own game, which is a lame-o to some degree. I think after Pixar having established a formula that works, the challenge to other animation studios should be to discover a new formula that rocks better than Pixar's.

But I sorta appreciated the movie more when I discovered it's a not Pixar or Dreamworks. Hehe. Wala lang. Maiba lang. Hahaha!

Claire said...

@Sue Denim true! Although ako naman, I knew it wasn't Pixar so I was expecting ka-level ng How to Train Your Dragon. Pero mas gusto ko to. I guess, mas... chunky kasi. Haha.

@Sting Lacson, actually. Good. :D

The score was made by Pharrell Williams. <3

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