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Pinoy Icons: Redford White

Better late than never.

This was supposed to be released yesterday, the fortieth day of Redford White's death. I cannot let his memory fade without paying tribute to a great comedian.

Redford White doesn't really belong to the slapstick-sidekick type of actors. At least I don't remember him being slapped around the way Panchito slaps Babalu around. He's more of a lead actor. Just check out the screen name. It's classier than the average Filipino sidekick.

Anyway, I don't really have a lot to say about Redford White. My clearest memories of him are from the TV show Buddy en Sol. They used to do knock-knock jokes at the end of each episode, before going to bed. That's probably where I got my knock-knock knack, but I wouldn't really bet on it. And I highly doubt that I would've still watched that show if it were just Eric Quizon in it. I think Redford White was like eighty percent of the reason I watched that show.

And finally, I've always wondered whether Redford White has Caucasian blood, or is an albino. Not that it would affect my perception of him. I just want to know. But none of that matters now, as he is already in a place where skin color does not matter.

Redford White a.k.a.Cipriano Cermeño II, 5 Dec 1955 - 25 Jul 2010

*some info from Wikipedia
pic from uktodaynews.com


Claire said...

Ang Manok ni San Pedro! bago mag-Shaider ata yun.

Di ko na maalala kung siya si San Pedro though. Hahaha.

Hindi ba si Lito Pimentel 'yun?

Happy birthday pala! Hehe.

takot ako kay san pedro nun eh! Hahaha!

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