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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 1: The Return

First off, YES, GAHD, FINALLY! Something for Caroline. Dear Lord, I've waited the whole season for the writers to do something about her.

Next, I'm going to forgive the "Katherine has curly hair while Elena has straight hair" marker. Because Damon! Damon all going, going, going... gone. It's lovely how the writers tease us with that "Oh look, Damon's all going soft and good now."

Then, BAM!

"No, he's not. Bwahahahaha!"

Make no mistake about it. When you're in love with Damon, you're in love with a criminal. Not a psychopath, let me remind you. Psychopaths have no conscience. Damon has one. That makes him so tragic. And well, evil. He's as bad as your ex-stalker boyfriend. But maybe not as witty and sexy.

All in all, he's the really exciting thing about this pilot. I didn't care about Katherine. She just seemed like a non-threatening brat, to tell the truth. I guess she just couldn't match Damon's first entrance in the very first episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Also, I wish to have a vote. Anyone who just wants to get rid of the Tyler character, please raise your hand.


Tyler's the werewolf here, so good luck getting rid of him. I hope his uncle stays though. Because this show just couldn't get enough of YUM. Haha.

I kinda hope Caroline doesn't get killed like Vicki. The shallow blonde isn't vital to the plot (yet) like Tyler's hot head. But I think the writers have a lot of ideas for them this season.

Hate to admit it, but me liking Katherine sans-vampire-bitch side, more than Elena. Just because she's more feisty flirty sexy. Hehe.

Lastly, I could never agree more. This show is spelled D-A-M-O-N. All hail Damon!!! Hahaha.

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