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Okay, all those who believe that this film was the inspiration or basis for Christopher Nolan's Inception, raise your hands. Good. Now go shoot yourselves in the head.

This film never reminded me of anything about Inception. The closest similarity was the dream theme. Or if you want to stretch it a bit further, that hairstyle of Dr. Chiba which looks like Ellen Page's 'do in Level Two. That's about it.

And of course, like all Japanese animated films, they don't even have to prove anything anymore. The Japanese are the masters of 2D animation. Ever. In the entire universe. I think it was caused by the radiation of the atomic bombs dropped during World War II.

Anyway, this is not for kids, as there are pretty disturbing images here. Those dolls really freaked me out. But the sequences are beautifully animated that it'll just take your breath away.

*some info from IMDb
pics from thoranime.com and socialitelife.celebuzz.com

Paprika. Japan. 2006.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


I think it's just some scenes like that hotel hallway scene that looks like Inception. Not the whole movie.

Like less than five percent of the movie.

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