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Review: Mr. Peabody & Sherman, or Learning About Time-Killers

Zeke Film

I classify animated films into two categories: 1) time-killers; or 2) works of art. This film, sadly, belongs to the first category.

Despite how awesome it may sound (like it's some villain from Doctor Who or something), time-killers do exactly what the name says: they kill time. It's the type of film you watch because there's nothing better to do while waiting for your wife as she gets her nails done.

Those Gallifreyan-like markings are probably a Doctor Who shout-out. 


Review: True Detective Season 1, or My New Favourite Show, or HBO, You Rarely Disappoint


The show True Detective seems to have come out of nowhere. There wasn’t too much hype to promote it. I think its success was due mostly to word of mouth.

And, quite possibly, this man's Academy Award nomination (now win).

Well actually, True Detective’s success can also be attributed to these five things:


Review: Dallas Buyers Club a.k.a. DBC

This Is Infamous

Every once in a while, like every few years or so, a film about HIV or AIDS comes along. I think every generation has its own AIDS movie. Probably to remind the youngsters about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Focus Features/Truth Entertainment
Wait, a priest with AIDS? 


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