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Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 10: "50 Shades of Grayson"

Thumbs down, Damon, for that shitty episode title.

Damon and Enzo's fight is short-lived. (Also both their quests to be the lead actor of the 50 Shades of Gray movie?) I would've enjoyed watching them battle it out for the whole episode. Seeing Damon not really fight Enzo showed just how much he's grown through the years—and he did a lot of growing up. Strongest evidence of that: the breakup.

More. More. More!


Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 9: "The Cell"

Look at that Enzo 
He reminds me of the Damon I used to know—the Damon he would've been, if and when he'd straighten up a little, but still "medyo bad boy". Now, he's just the underdog of sorts. Part of me roots for Enzo more in the event that he faces he-who-left-him-to-burn. Because he's still alive! Giddy!

I wonder why he never managed to escape.


Micro: The Originals. Episode 9: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans"

All hail the king!

So Klaus and Marcel are allies now, with the latter choosing the former (and the safety of his posse) over Rebekah, the girl they didn't really completely sell as his one true love. Can I say, "I told you so, girl?" Yep, I told you so.

She must miss Matt, right?


Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug HFR 3D, or Five Reasons Why This Film Couldn't Cure My Frozen Hangover

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

People ask me if I liked TH:TDOS (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, a.k.a. Yes, I Love Acronyms). Let me put it this way: I was obsessed with Elsa after watching Frozen, and I honestly thought watching TDOS would rid me of my Frozen hangover.

Elf Warrior < Ice Queen

I was wrong. After watching the second film in The Hobbit trilogy, I thought to myself, "Yeah, that was okay, I guess", then immediately went on YouTube to watch "Let It Go" for the nth time.

Oh, Elsa. I love you.


Heads Up Battle. Frozen's "Let It Go": Who Sang It Better? Idina Menzel v. Demi Lovato

Hit Zone Online

"Let It Go", that catchy tune by composer couple Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, is my new earworm. My last earworm was "Blurred Lines", and who would've thought the next one would be a Disney song?

A Disney song way beyond my vocal range.


World Icons: Nelson Mandela


Who Nelson Mandela was:
  • The man lovingly called "Madiba" by a nation that holds him in very deep respect
  • The first black president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999
  • The man who presented the Springboks with the 1995 Rugby World Cup trophy in the film Invictus


Film Icons: Paul Walker

Tim F. White/Getty Images via CNN

Paul Walker will go down as one of the most crucial elements of the Fast and Furious franchise. Although he's quite often been at the receiving end of negative acting reviews, that hasn't stopped him from driving.


Short Film Review: "Get a Horse!"

Read the date at the bottom. Yes, that's "2013" in Roman numerals.

As mentioned in the Frozen review, Disney is going back to the spirit of the animated classics. But this isn't true for just the full-length features. Even the preceding short film has gone retro with "Get a Horse!"

Not full-retro, as this is 2013, where everyone is allergic to black-and-white.


Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 8: "Dead Man on Campus"

Elena's extra-credit college project: Aaron

We're off to college to flesh out the story of the Augustine vampire since, you know, the 2,000-year-old shadowselves are dead. Jesse is one of the numerous experiments of the Augustine Society, and guess what? Damon was, too, in his past. TVD pulls off a new one and it's interesting at least.

Oh no, you don't. 


Micro: The Originals. Episode 8: "The River in Reverse"

Thy kingdom come.

He-who-I-would-hate-to-be-in-this-show wants to ally himself with Marcel to kill Klaus' baby. Good thing he's put in the garden for it. Tyler, please, take on someone your own size!

No more humming (harming?) my neice.


Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 7: "Death and The Maiden"

Stop crying. Die now.

Finally, death finds Silas and Amarra. Qetsiyah/Tessa follows them as well. Amarra, an ordinary human, is sent to rest in peace, and while Silas, now a witch, is in supernatural limbo, so is Qetsiyah/Tessa─and the scorned woman gets what she wants after all. I hope that's the last we see of them.

Don't ever come back, please.


Micro: The Originals. Episode 7: "Bloodletting"

Consider Haley's butt as a consolation.

Another hybrid is in town. Tyler in The Originals. Please excuse me while I vomit.

Stupid, stubborn Tyler thinks he stands a chance. 


Review: Frozen, or Three Reasons Disney Fans Can Rest Easy

Walt Disney Studios Ph

To a lot of kids, the golden age of Disney animation reached its peak with The Lion King. Then basically everything went downhill from there.

We're looking at you, The Emperor's New Groove.
And to think this was released on my 21st birthday. Tsk.

But with Frozen, the future of Disney's animation arm seems secure indeed. It's gone back to the same spirit of the beloved classics, which will please old fans while creating new ones. Here are three reasons Disney fans can rest easy.

"Hello! I'm Olaf the Snowman, and I'm this film's comic relief!"


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