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Micro: The Originals. Episode 9: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans"

All hail the king!

So Klaus and Marcel are allies now, with the latter choosing the former (and the safety of his posse) over Rebekah, the girl they didn't really completely sell as his one true love. Can I say, "I told you so, girl?" Yep, I told you so.

She must miss Matt, right?

I kind of miss the witches. I would like to think they're regrouping and preparing to strike back. We get to see Davina, though, who's not so keen on being a puppet. I'd like to think she's growing up. Word to the wise: Cami and Josh might not be good ideas for wingmen.

I wouldn't trust her either.

What's the best part of this episode: Elijah and Diego interactions. Elijah's the real Original deal, and Haley is not-a-chance worthy of his attention.

He can handle big hair, even an afro.

Sue Denim still has issues with online anonymity.

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