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Short Film Review: "Get a Horse!"

Read the date at the bottom. Yes, that's "2013" in Roman numerals.

As mentioned in the Frozen review, Disney is going back to the spirit of the animated classics. But this isn't true for just the full-length features. Even the preceding short film has gone retro with "Get a Horse!"

Not full-retro, as this is 2013, where everyone is allergic to black-and-white.

Having a short precede a feature is an old theatrical gimmick, so anyone saying Disney stole the idea from Pixar can go ahead and shut up.

Who knew Pete was a sex maniac?

Again, great move by mixing "rubber hose" animation with CGI. Disney is going for extreme ends of the audience spectrum here, attracting everyone from children to octogenarians, or whoever was alive during "Steamboat Willie"'s debut.

Leaving one's pants behind is always funny in any era.

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