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Review: Frozen, or Three Reasons Disney Fans Can Rest Easy

Walt Disney Studios Ph

To a lot of kids, the golden age of Disney animation reached its peak with The Lion King. Then basically everything went downhill from there.

We're looking at you, The Emperor's New Groove.
And to think this was released on my 21st birthday. Tsk.

But with Frozen, the future of Disney's animation arm seems secure indeed. It's gone back to the same spirit of the beloved classics, which will please old fans while creating new ones. Here are three reasons Disney fans can rest easy.

"Hello! I'm Olaf the Snowman, and I'm this film's comic relief!"

The last Disney movie to do this was Tangled. Then Disney probably thought it didn't do too well, so they tried going the Pixar route with Wreck-It Ralph. But it's great that they resurrected their loosely-based adaptation of "The Snow Queen" with Frozen. Because now, I want more of these, please.

I want to tap my inner Prince Charming.

You know what I'm talking about: the big eyes, the strong male chin, the loyal animal sidekick... which were all present in Tangled. It's as if Disney simply shifted from traditional 2D to 3D computer animation while leaving everything else untouched. Thanks, Disney, for preserving the tradition.

Although why do you guys make all animal sidekicks act like canines?

The Disney musicals of old were awesome for two reasons: 1) they were great works of animation; and 2) they had great songs. In terms of animation, Disney was a trailblazer, pioneering the fusion between hand-drawn and computer-generated animation as early as Beauty and the Beast. In terms of music, Disney songs have this tendency to slowly creep into popular culture. That said, "Let It Go" is a damn catchy tune. Thank you, Idina Menzel.

"You can thank my sister and I for our combined hotness."

Frozen. USA. 2013.

Original rating: 7.7 / 10
Soundtrack: + 0.05
Kristen Bell's voice enhancing Princess Anna's hotness: + 0.05
Idina Menzel's awesome singing voice: + 0.1
Alan Tudyk's unrecognisable voice acting: + 0.1
Awesome ice crystal animation: + 0.05
Preceding short film "Get a Horse!": + 0.1
Final rating: 8.15 / 10

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Anonymous said...

i like it, but i like tangled more

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