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Micro: The Originals. Episode 8: "The River in Reverse"

Thy kingdom come.

He-who-I-would-hate-to-be-in-this-show wants to ally himself with Marcel to kill Klaus' baby. Good thing he's put in the garden for it. Tyler, please, take on someone your own size!

No more humming (harming?) my neice.

In other news: We see snippets of Elijah's past love affair with a witch (still, she's black) named Celeste. Death becomes her and guilt fills Elijah as he plots with her to give his brother a beating—a lesson for anyone who rivals the Original Hybrid. It's also a lesson on what happens to Elijah's love affairs.

Not a fan of this ship. It's really awkward, if you ask me.

And as if we need more proof that Klaus is the supernatural badass that he is, he kills every vampire who tries to kill him in a sort of Royal Rumble take-down, forcing Marcel to pick up the coin of allegiance. I have to say, Marcel's talk of loyalty is well-delivered—that's probably the first time I liked the guy.

The Kingdom is his—pretty quickly, don't you think?


... this deserves a slow clap of sorts.

*photos from thevampirediariescanada.com and theoriginalscw.com

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