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Resident Evil: Afterlife. 3D

The baddest girl doesn't need to have a gun drawn.
1. Too short.
What was that, like 90 minutes? Pfffttt.

2. Lousy special effects.
You could really tell which ones were CGI. Yeah I know they used James Cameron's camera (Cameron's camera?), but they should've also used Cameron's special effects.

3. Not a stand-alone film. 
Okay, I understand it's part of a God-knows-how-long series. But still, having a series with stand-alone episodes shows how much care has been put into writing the screenplays.

4. No sex. 
Well, it's not really a big deal. But still...you can't put Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter in the same movie and not have any sex. That would be a total waste.

5. Wentworth Miller's voice.
As hammy as Bruce Wayne's. And he's grown fat.

6. Left me hanging. 
I don't like it when I'm left hanging. Very few movies can leave me hanging and get away with it. And this movie isn't one of them.

And now we move on to the 3D review...

Using Cameron's camera doesn't guarantee a good 3D film. Even Avatar had its lapses, especially cinematographically (spell-checker has just informed me that "cinematographically" is not a word). That is to be understood, of course, since this is a relatively new medium. But still, I hope 3D cinematographers try to understand and apply the principle of depth of field. 

*some info from IMDb
pic from Chicago Tribune

Resident Evil: Afterlife. UK/Germany/USA. 2010.

Rating: Four out of ten.
3D-ness: Six and a half out of ten.


I played the game way back and have watched all three movies before this one. It's the worst, I think. I think it has steered away from the original concept of the video game. They could have given more weight to the story especially this one being the fourth. Instead, they invested heavily on all action. It's even Matrix-like. Talk about originality. Pffftt. Matrix even had better special effects even without the 3D. Boo.

And I just realized that there was even no kissing scene. All tension and no action for that part. Haha.

Wentworth Miller kinda makes this film watchable for girls. (Guys have Milla and Ali and Siena, so enough.) And yes, he's grown fat, like a bit leaner than in the last season of Prison Break. But he's been missed on screen. He still has his signature look from the series. Acting-wise, that's really nothing. But sight-wise, it's really not bad at all. Hehe.

By the way, his voice is really his voice. It's not like he copying your man-crush Christian Bale doing a Batman voice. Haha.

Wait, who's Siena?

She's the girl at the end of the movie, the one with the device still attached to her cleavage (a.k.a. black tight overalls, stiletto boots and a ponytail). She plays Jill Valentine in the second movie Apocalypse. And I think all three girls and Wentworth will be back for a fifth movie.

Claire said...

This one got the story from Resident Evil 5, I think. Though they really didn't have any story to actually rely on since they diverted too far away from the game with Alice. And after the first RE movie, it was really all about action.

And I actually didn't like the last two installments so I pretty much have low expectations for this, which made this one alright for me. However, I was expecting more zombies at least. Which didn't happen at all. That's why if felt too short?

And also, I wanted Mila to be more butch here. Which she isn't so more sad points. Plus, Jill Valentine was way hotter as brunette. And she looked really old here. >.< I stopped caring about Ali long ago and Wentworth only has one look: ooh, I have knowledge, ooh, my sister's here, ooh I'm shooting enemies.


Agree. Bring back Jill Valentine's brunette 'do! Haha. And I did say, Wentworth's signature look is worth nothing in the acting category. ;D

I think a rerun of the first and second movies would be a nice reminder of series' huge-but-lost potential. Hehe.


Dapat pagsabungin nalang sina Larter at Jovovich. Ang manalo, magta-topless sa next installment.

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