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Three words: Pretty Heavy Stuff.

Story and Screenplay: Great. Excellent even. The screenplay was very well written. I could not have crafted a more perfect story. Not once did the film become explicit. All the crucial things were merely implied. And therein lies the beauty of it, for in implying something, there is no certainty; only doubt. And that's where the title comes from, in case you didn't notice.

John Patrick Shanley: Writer. Director. Storyteller. This guy speaks the cinematic language fluently. You can tell by the pacing of the film, plus the poetry of the shots. A true visual storyteller.

Amy Adams: Yeah, you look cute. And you're acting's cute. Okay, everything about you is cute. Too bad about that Oscar though.

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Yes, I know you're a great actor. But this is not your best performance. You and I know it. Especially you. You know you've performed better. But hey, you're always great anyway. But this still isn't your best performance.

Meryl Streep: Using a ten-star rating scale, Meryl Streep alone is an automatic five stars. The first time she shows her face on camera---brilliant. Meryl Streep is the bitchiest nun I have ever encountered. Bitchier even than the Mother Superior in The Sound of Music. Wait, I don't think the Mother Superior was a bitch at all. Anyway...Meryl Streep...I just love the accent. Italian-American northeastern, probably. New York, Jersey, or Connecticut, or somewhere thereabouts. And while I have not seen The Reader yet, I am certain that Ms. Streep gave the best performance that year, better even that Kate Winslet.

So, let me end this by saying: Go watch Doubt. Especially the Roman Catholics. This is, after all, a Catholic school film.

*some info from IMDb
pic from welt.de

Doubt. 2008. USA.

Rating: Nine out of ten (One star each for cinematography, screenplay, directing, and acting; five stars for Meryl Streep).


Teluete said...

Gusto ko to panoorin. Tinatamad lang ako haha.

watch it. anobah. :-D

Claire said...

Meryl Streep! Automatic whoooohoooo! :D

Claire said...


bet si amy adams sa cruel intentions(3?). hehe.

@Claire: Yay Catholic school girls!

Bet si Amy Adams sa Enchanted hehe.

tina said...

mou. you didn't rate meryll streep in this film... i was expecting it after you said that she's an automatic five out of ten. nambibitin! :))

so meryll streep did better than phillip seymour hoffman in this film? i'd heard that his character's cheerfulness balanced out the gravity of streep's ^^; maybe he was just taking it easy? :D hehe.

@tina: yes philip seymour hoffman was good. actually, they were both brilliant, so i can't really compare.

and i didn't know you liked my ratings hehe. sige next time. :-)

for the record:

This film's rating: Nine stars. One star each for cinematography, screenplay, directing, and acting; five stars for Meryl Streep.

tina said...

@sting i dunno, i just have a thing for numbers. when you give a six, the movie seems to be borderline awful; a seven, so-so; an eight, relatively good; and nine, pretty good. and i actually thought you were giving meryll streep her own out-of-ten-stars rating. :D hehe.

@tina: six is actually the passing score. i got that from rotten tomatoes.

i get what you mean re: ten star rating. i'll do it for the next posts hehe. especially if it's a meryl streep film. yay. :-D

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