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Chik Yeung Tin Si (So Close)

(Couldn't find a pic of the three of them together in the movie, so I settled for this one. And this film came one year before Kill Bill Vol. 1, which makes me conclude that Uma Thurman stole the yellow jumpsuit idea from these three, who in turn stole it from Bruce Lee.)

For those who've been confined to the cinema of Hollywood and Western Europe, try the local Asian flavor. After all, Hong Kong cinema wouldn't have crossed over to Hollywood if it wasn't good.

Anyway, for your typical review, go visit other websites. Because this is NOT your typical review. I'll just rave about the three beautiful ladies in this film.

Shu Qi: Makes me want to melt. Shu Qi is drop-dead gorgeous. Like a model. Well, they're all models, anyway. You won't even notice her acting. You'll just be staring at her the whole time. And besides, they speak Chinese, which I don't understand anyway.

Zhao Wei: Is too damn cute. Well, technically she's damn pretty, but the way she acts in this film is so cute. So close and so cute. What? Plus her eyes. Larger than the average Asian eyes. Makes her look friendly. I think she might be friendly in real life.

And finally,

Karen Mok: Is not fugly. My sisters say she's like a fuglier version of Karylle. But I will stand up and defend Karen Mok. In fact, among the three, I find Karen Mok the most beautiful of them all. She also happens to be a singer. Her beauty is---how do you say it---au naturelle. Her beauty does not conform to the normal standards of how an Asian beauty should look like. But I still like her. I like you, Karen Mok.

So, final verdict: Straight guy and lesbian Asian fantasy film. Go figure.

*some info from IMDb
pics from asiateca.net, hkcinemagic.com, asiaarts.ucla.edu, and lovehkfilm.com

Chik Yeung Tin Si (So Close). Hong Kong. 2002.

Rating: Seven and a half over ten.
Shu Qi: Miss International.
Zhao Wei: Miss World.
Karen Mok: Miss Universe.


tina said...

karen mok does look like karylle. although she's not fuglier. well, maybe a little bit. XD peace tayo. hehe.

i first saw her in god of cookery on a chinese channel that showed chinese movies with relatively decent english subtitles. she played one of those ugly (they uglified her, so don't be mad ok? :P) but kindhearted characters who have a significant role in the protagonist's life (and, by some happy coincidence, get a cosmetic surgery/makeover/both towards the end of the movie). that was also the first stephen chow movie i ever saw... a bit predictable, but it's typical stephen chow, so it's good for some easy laughs ^^ unfortunately karen mok's role was a bit short... she only appeared in the first part and the last part of the movie. her role was actually a lot like that of the mute girl in kung fu hustle. although karen's character was a lot more badass. :D

haha i'm not mad, anoba. haha.

yes, claire was telling me about God of Cookery.

do you know where i can find a pirated karen mok collection? hahaha.

tina said...

o noes. i wish i did so i could get one myself. :)) ian wright interviewed her for that vip show he has on discovery travel and living. i never liked her a lot before then, but she was so sweet and cheerful there, i fell in love with her right away. XD haha. she even made him this huge custard cake thing towards the end of the show. X3 yeah, i'm a sucker for those kinds of gestures... hehe. :D

and for that, i shall search for it on youtube. the ian wright show, i mean.

tina said...

you'll love her. (oh wait, you already do right? :P) especially when she does her costume changes. :D harhar.

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