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The Other Guys

I must admit that this film changed my perception of Will Ferrell. I found Will Ferrell funny way before this movie, but I thought his humor came from his loud antics and his desire to be nude all the time. This movie shows his more subdued side (his character is a boring cop who used to be from the Forensics Accounting department), although there are times when he slips back to his loud persona. But that's like only for a few seconds, so it's all right.

Mark Wahlberg doesn't take off his shirt here (sorry, girls). But he is such a natural actor that pretty soon it ceases to matter that he is Mark Wahlberg.

Samuel L. Jackson is back with his famous Samuel L. Jackson-style of acting. You know, tough cool guy approach. Fugly cool.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson didn't get much screen time, roughly as long as Samuel's. Too bad, as The Rock is one of my favorite actors. He is someone who left the world of wrestling for showbusiness, because he is damn better at it.

Michael Keaton is hilarious as the police chief. And the TLC references were really laugh-out-loud moments.

Steve Coogan was brilliant. Of course, he will always have that British accent. And I only recently noticed that Coogan kind of looks like Spanish footballer Carles Puyol.

Ray Stevenson once again shows his team playing-abilities. Only this time, he plays an Aussie.

And finally, Eva Mendes is starting to grow on me. I admit that she wasn't really my type before. But she's getting hotter and hotter with every movie I see her in. Keep up the good work, Eva.

P.S. No wonder that other black guy looked familiar. He's Damon Wayans, Jr. I mean, is Damon Wayans that old?

*some info from IMDb
pic from empiremovies.com

The Other Guys. USA. 2010.

Rating: Seven and a half out of ten.

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Hmmm... Is Damon Wayans your age? Hehe.

According to his Wikipedia page, Damon Wayans, Jr. was born in 1982. Sige hindi ko na ilalaglag kung gaano ka katanda.

Keri lang naman. Pagdating sa edad, lamang ka pa rin. Hehe.

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